Sans CulpraEdit

Once you have acquired the Secrets of Farovia skill, you will eventually encounter the Ancient Mariner when you are travelling between Blue Crescent and any other island. When you find him you receive this message:

The Ancient Mariner gave you a gift: The Sans Culpra Scroll!Edit

You met the Ancient Mariner on your voyage and he believes you are now ready to explore destinations beyond Blue Crescent. He gave you the Sans Culpra Scroll as a gift for your dedication and excellence.

You will now be able to travel to Sans Culpra.

Liquid GoldEdit

The Ancient Mariner is the one who rewards you with the precious Liquid Gold resource attractant.

This rare attractant is awarded by the Ancient Mariner to any wranglers completing some of the most difficult Quests.

Holy Shack / Evil ShackEdit

The Ancient Mariner is also the one that upgrades your starter Recycled Starter Tent/Endangered Animal Tent used in Snowpeak River to the better upgraded Holy Shack/Evil Shack required to travel to Snowpeak Summit.

This is done upon reeling in your first Reigning Ice Fish.

Grappling CannonEdit

The Ancient Mariner is involved as part of the Parribea Quest story during unlocking the path to Devils Cove. This will see you on a journey traveling to the top of your final island destination of Krakken Rocks to rescue the Ancient Mariner from the Pirates. (NOTE: You can actually go through the whole Parribea area and move one without every really needing to build Grappling Cannon and rescue).

After having Earl build the Grappling Cannon you will need to use it after catching the Krakken Fish by shooting the Grappling Cannon onto the Ancient Mariner's boat. Just follow all the steps shown on the Grappling Cannon page.


Saving the Ancient Mariner results in a gift of 250 Free Love Chum!

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