Armored Hell Fish
Roperian Fish
Armored hell hidden
Min. Silver 1,306
Min. Points 1,300
Min. Tourn. Points 149 points
Min. Weight 1.94 lb / 879 g
Min. Pole Level 53 Revelation Rod
Min. Skill Art of Mysticism
Habitat (Population) New Seinborough (Critically Endangered)
In-game links
Armored Hell Fish Page
Armored Hell Fish Longest Streaks
Armored Hell Fish First Catches
Armored Hell Fish Trophy Catches
Armored Hell Fish Most Catches

Description: As the name suggests, the Armored Hell Fish belongs to an evil region filled with your darkest nightmares. Stay alert for the red dorsal fin, and you may live another day.

Damages pole with Hellish Damage ~100% of the time

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