Azul Fish
Farovian Fish
Azul Hidden
Min. Gold 408
Min. Points 399
Min. Tourn. Points 80 points
Strength Fiesty
Min. Weight 7.69 lb / 3.49 kg
Min. Pole Sonar Pulverizer
Min. Skill Habitats of Large Fish
Habitat (Population) Blue Crescent (Fairly Prolific)
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Description: Azul Sharks are small, feisty and quick, which make for a very difficult catch in Blue Crescent. Be cautious if you catch one - Azul's have massive jaws and like to take revenge by chomping down on whatever is in sight.

How to catch Azul Fish: Catch Azul Fish by using a Sonar Pole in Blue Crescent. Requires the skill of Habitats of Large Fish.

17th fish release & also the Azul Fish's ID #. Found here: