Blue Ring Octo Fish
Roperian Fish
Blue-ring-octo hidden
Min. Silver 1,800
Min. Points 1,796
Min. Tourn. Points TBD
Min. Weight 3.38 lb
Min. Pole Level 80 Outback
Min. Skill Clockwise Navigation
Habitat (Population) Kingsland Confluence (Possibly Extinct)
In-game links
Blue Ring Octo Fish Page
Blue Ring Octo Fish Longest Streaks
Blue Ring Octo Fish First Catches
Blue Ring Octo Fish Trophy Catches
Blue Ring Octo Fish Most Catches

Description: Considered the most venomous creature on Earth, the Blue Ring Octo poses a severe threat to swimmers and wranglers throughout Kingsland Confluence. The docile octopus can only be overpowered with a Level 80+ Outback Pole.

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