Boiling Fish
Farovian Fish
Boiling Hidden
Min. Gold 923
Min. Points 1,099
Min. Tourn. Points 125 points
Strength Bubbling
Min. Weight 12 oz / 340 g
Min. Pole Level 2 Cubey Incinerator
Min. Skill Mastering Shark Wrangling
Habitat (Population) Magma Reef (Very Rare)
In-game links
Boiling Fish Page
Boiling Fish Longest Streaks
Boiling Fish First Catches
Boiling Fish Trophy Catches
Boiling Fish Most Catches

Description: A recent influx of the Boiling Fish has occurred in Farovia, and wranglers should easily spot the fish roasting in the heated waters of Magma Reef. Scientists believe the species may be a linked to the Cubey breed.

How to catch Boiling Fish:

Catch Boiling Fish by using a Level 2+ Cubey Incinerator in Magma Reef. Requires the skill of Mastering Shark Wrangling.

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