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Bottomless Depths

Bottomless DepthsEdit

Description: Unknown to the Ancient Mariner, wranglers discover a new region while scuba diving - the Bottomless Depths - an underground dormant volcano that collapsed several thousand years ago. Posideon's Ring was created from the volcano’s original rim, and Misty Cliffs emerged from cooled magma rock.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Unlocking Bottomless DepthsEdit

To unlock Bottomless Depths, catch a Underbite Fish in Misty Cliffs. After being submerged mid-wrangle you discover this secret underwater area. Be prepared to spend some time on this, as the Underbite Fish is classed as "possibly extinct". Use of RLC/FLC and/or Liquid Gold is recommended or have patience -- some wranglers have cast 50+ times before catching their first Underbite.

What to catchEdit

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Chameleon Fish Level 37 Alcatraz 11Numerous 2,350 2,107 Monster Wrangling -
Smiling Porpoise Fish Level 43 Alcatraz 06Threatened 2,647 2,488 Monster Wrangling -
Time Turtle Fish Level 46 Alcatraz 07Extremely Rare 2,381 2,679 Monster Wrangling -
Crevice Crab Fish Level 54 Alcatraz 12Fairly Prolific 3,004 2,715  ?
Reverse Fish Level 59 Alcatraz 10Average 3,156 3,009  ?
Armor Eel Fish Level 63 Alcatraz 08Very Rare 3,271 3,021  ?
Shock Shark Fish Level 68 Alcatraz 07Extremely Rare 3,439 3,366  ?
Shadow Squid Fish Level 73 Alcatraz 04Critically Endangered 3,680 3,652  ?
Getaway Fish Level 78 Alcatraz 05Endangered 3,547 3,404  ?
Globster Fish Level 83 Alcatraz 10Average 3,853 3,288  ?
Alligaturtle Fish Level 89 Alcatraz 03Near Extinction 4,178 4,093  ?
Scissor Squid Fish Level 95 Alcatraz 02Possibly Extinct 4,515 4,388  ?
Toby Richards Fish Level 100 Alcatraz 02Possibly Extinct 5,016 5,044  ?

A rogues gallery of each Bottomless Depths fish can be found in The Fish of Bottomless Depths.

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