Boxaroo Fish
Roperian Fish
Boxaroo hidden
Min. Silver 1,538
Min. Points 1,532
Min. Tourn. Points 174 points
Min. Weight 1.88 lb
Min. Pole Level 34 Outback
Min. Skill Clockwise Navigation
Habitat (Population) Kingsland Confluence (Possibly Extinct)
In-game links
Boxaroo Fish Page
Boxaroo Fish Longest Streaks
Boxaroo Fish First Catches
Boxaroo Fish Trophy Catches
Boxaroo Fish Most Catches

Description: Yet to lose on home soil, the Boxaroo has mastered every boxing technique in the books, including the Fish Hook, Aussie Cross-Jab, and Wallaby Uppercut. This kangaroo is always up for fighting the Outback Pole!

Damages pole with Boxing Accident on 80% of catches.

You have a ~50% chance of getting a Roo Poo when catching this fish.

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