Consecutive catches of the same fish are referred to as Catching streaks. As well as the standard points and gold, an additional bonus is awarded for any consecutive catches.

All casts made on individual trips, Crew Trips and Monthly Tournament casts count towards, and hence could interrupt, a catching streak. Deckhand Checks can add to a catching streak but never interrupt one. Captain Trips and Night Fishing trips do not count.

The bonus, applied to both points and gold, is calculated as:
+9% for the second fish in a row
+12% for the third fish in a row
+15% for the fourth fish in a row
+18% for the fifth fish in a row
up to +33% for the 10th fish in a row, and constantly adding +33% for the streaks after that..

During Tournament casts the same bonus structure is applied to Release Points.

Note that Miny Fish, Catty Fish and Cubey Fish have double this number to compensate for their initial low value rewards.

Records of the highest catching streak per fish are listed on the wrangler's profile page.

Global catching streak records can be found at More detailed records including comparisons with crew mates' achievements, can be accessed by following the respective links per fish.

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