Crevice Crab Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 2,715
Min. Points 3,004
Min. Tourn. Points 340 points
Strength Glowing
Min. Weight 3.13 lb / 1.42 kg
Min. Pole Level 54 Alcatraz
Min. Skill Monster Wrangling
Habitat (Population) Bottomless Depths (Fairly Prolific)
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Description: The Crevice Crab can be identified by a bright orange body, luminescent eyes, and fast-moving pinchers. Wranglers should have no problem locating this species within the molten rocks of the Bottomless Depths.

How to catch Crevice Crab Fish: Catch Crevice Crab Fish using a Level 54+ Alcatraz Pole in Bottomless Depths. Requires the skill of Monster Wrangling.