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Cursed Arthurian Fish

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Cursed Arthurian Fish
Farovian Fish
Cursed arthurian hidden
Min. Gold 7,000 gold
Min. Points 7,008 points
Min. Tourn. Points n/a
Min. Weight 5.88 lb / 2.66 kg
Min. Pole Level 80 Excali-pole AND Necro-pole
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) Fishertonville (Possibly Extinct)
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Description: In an attempt to reclaim the Excali-pole, King Arthur sold his soul and became cursed throughout Fishertonville. The combination of the Excali-pole and Necro pole are necessary to attract the diabolic breed.

MULTI-POLE REQ! POLAROID #2! To catch this multi-pole fish, you need to harness liquid gold.

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