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Deadwater PassEdit

Description: Deadwater Pass is home to the most corrupt and dangerous breeds in Parribea. With skeletal remains and bloody graffiti around the cave, it is quite obvious that the vicious fish have been fighting for centuries. Wranglers will need to use their dingy boats in order to fit into the small passageway.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

How to UnlockEdit

Requirements to unlock: Solve the Gate's puzzle with the Skull Key and clues given by the fish of Devil's Cove.

What to CatchEdit

Fish Min. Pole Min. Skill Population
Bottle Fish Royal Rescuer/ Pyratic Plunder 12Fairly Prolific 2,000 1,200 102
Caged Cubey Fish Level 2 Royal Rescuer/ Level 2 Pyratic Plunder 06Threatened 2,068 1,389 105
Governess Fish Level 3 Royal Rescuer/ Level 3 Pyratic Plunder 03Near Extinction 2,020 1,250 103
Parrot Fish Level 10 Royal Rescuer/ Level 10 Pyratic Plunder 12Fairly Prolific 2,853 2,800 147
Map Ray Fish Level 29 Royal Rescuer/ Level 29 Pyratic Plunder 12Fairly Prolific 3,208 2,466 164
Peg Fish Level 33 Royal Rescuer/ Level 33 Pyratic Plunder 09Rare 3,593 2,832 185
Robber Fish Level 38 Royal Rescuer/ Level 38 Pyratic Plunder 08Very Rare 4,009 3,233 206
Scurvy Fish Level 43 Royal Rescuer/ Level 43 Pyratic Plunder 07Extremely Rare 4,362 3,514 219
Black Beardopus Fish Level 49 Royal Rescuer/ Level 49 Pyratic Plunder 02Possibly Extinct 10,235 7,008 529
Swann Fish Level 54 Royal Rescuer/ Level 54 Pyratic Plunder 04Critically Endangered 4,617 3,948 234
Mutinous Fish Level 60 Royal Rescuer/ Level 60 Pyratic Plunder 02Possibly Extinct 12,681 9,200 655
Farovian Tournament Shark Fish Level 0 Oak Branch or Broken Standard or Ghost Branch Error: String exceeds 1,000 character limit. 5,000 0 Fishing 101 -

A rogues gallery of each Deadwater Pass fish can be found in The Fish of Deadwater Pass.

What to BuyEdit

The following equipment is available from the Deadwater Pass Supply Store:

Type Item Cost Min. requirements
Pole Royal Rescuer 800,000 8,000,000 points
Pole Carbon Reel for Royal Rescuer 250,000 Level 10 pole
Pole Scientific Sodar for Royal Rescuer 300,000 Level 20 pole
Pole Arm Brace for Royal Rescuer 350,000 Level 30 pole
Pole Carbon Fiber Pole for Royal Rescuer 400,000 Level 40 pole
Pole Sighting Scope for Royal Rescuer 450,000 Level 50 pole
Pole Hydroelectric Engine for Royal Rescuer 500,000 Level 60 pole
Pole Pyratic Plunder 800,000 8,000,000 points
Pole Steering Reel for Pyratic Plunder 250,000 Level 10 pole
Pole Golden Compass for Pyratic Plunder 300,000 Level 20 pole
Pole Deluxe Grip for Pyratic Plunder 350,000 Level 30 pole
Pole Peg Pole for Pyratic Plunder 400,000 Level 40 pole
Pole Lookout Telescope for Pyratic Plunder 450,000 Level 50 pole
Pole Pyrate Sail for Pyratic Plunder 500,000 Level 60 pole
Skill The Truth of Piracy and Rescue 600,000 8,000,000 Points

Moving onEdit

It order to reach Krakken Rocks, you must receive the clues given by catching all of the Clue fish in Deadwater Pass then Solve the Gate's puzzle with the Kranka.

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