Deckhands perform Deckhand Deckhand Line Checks at various intervals. They essentially fish for you and give you the points, gold or other bounty from the activity.

They do this for a period of time after you have logged in each day.

The known deckhands are:

  • Checkmate Chester
  • Deckhand Deb
  • Deckhand Dewy
  • Deckhand Dex
  • Deckhand Diego
  • Deckhand Dwight
  • Esmerelda Aye
  • Franky the nubbin
  • Freaky Franchesca
  • Little Joe jo
  • Overpaid Oscar
  • Ismeralda Aye

Deckhand checks do NOT use resources. In addition, any catches a deckhand makes does not impact your streak score.

Deckhands can also be apprentices if you do not have any.

Hiring DeckhandsEdit

It is possible to hire deckhands (for a gold fee of course) to log in for you if you know you will not be able to play Fish Wrangler that day. This is particularly useful if you are the captain of a Night Fishing trip and your absence would cause your night fishing group to not leave that night (see the FAQ for more details). The hiring of a deckhand to log in for you would mean the night fishing trip can carry on as normal. This can be accessed by clicking My Settings

When a deckhand is hired they will log into your account at ~1:55am FVT and charge you a fee based on your class (shown below).

The results of hiring a deckhand are...

  • You will be taken on your night fishing trip.
  • You will get some deckhand checks for the day.
  • You will NOT get any crew trips.
  • Your deckhand will NOT restock your chum (so make sure you have plenty of chum stocked before you leave).

NOTE: The deckhands do not keep any gold or points awarded, they only make the initial daily charge.

How does this thing work?Edit

There are two monthly charts that if you want to add days by doing the following:

  • Click on the days you want your deckhand to login.
  • A day has been selected when it turns green.
  • Then click the Save button.

Deckhand feesEdit

Class Daily Cost
(in gold per day)
Aspiring 1,000
Minnow 2,000
Tuna 4,000
Shark 8,000
Exceptional 11,000
Sensational 15,000
Prodigious 20,000
Righteous 25,000
Extraordinaire 27,000
Incredible 31,000
Legendary 33,000
Légendaire 35,000
Phenomenal 37,000
Majestic 39,000

It should be noted that this feature is not designed to make a profit. As with any other service, you are paying for a deckhands' time - and that comes with a cost. It's main benefit is to continue Night Fishing and so this option may not suit everyone.

Note that this feature should only be used for days that you will be unable to log into Fish Wrangler. If you enable the deckhands to log in, and then you happen to log in, the deckhands will be disabled but their gold fee will still be deducted. You will not be refunded.