Demon Sea Horse Fish
Farovian Fish
Demon sea horse Hidden
Min. Gold 1,011
Min. Points 1,159
Min. Tourn. Points 140 points
Strength Flamin
Min. Weight 5.63 lb / 2.55 kg
Min. Pole Level 5 Cubey Incinerator
Min. Skill Mastering Shark Wrangling
Habitat (Population) Magma Reef (Rare)
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Description: The fire-breathing Demon Sea Horse has a vicious personality and takes pride in scorching anything in sight. Please wranglers, do not be fooled by the lack of fins.. it's propelled by underwater hydro flame shooting.

How to catch Demon Sea Horse Fish:

Catch Demon Sea Horse Fish by using a Level 5+ Cubey Incinerator in Magma Reef. Requires the skill of Mastering Shark Wrangling.

48th fish released & also the Demon Sea Horse Fish's ID #. Found here: