Cost 9,000
Strength 107
Lure Rating 60
Min. Points 20,000
Retail Outlet WaterPort Fishing Pole Shop
Fishertonville Fishing Pole Shop
Blue Crescent Fishing Pole Shop
Excali-pole Quests

Description: Is it a sword or a pole? What was once a sword is now The Excali-Pole. Catch em n' slice. Comes with a spiked metal ball which acts like an anchor and does more knocking out, than catching.

Note: The Min Points required was increased from 10,000 up to 20,000; along with Art of Night Fishing Skill being increased to 17,000, a skill which some of this poles first quest fish requires.


The Excali-pole plays a few key parts in unlocking some areas such as the Shipwreck Explorer in Chapter 13 and the Bay fish for Chapter 14 in The Story of TYS

Double ReelEdit

Doubles the power and quickens up the reeling in time, to ensure the rare catch is made.

Complete: Peasants Pie Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Excali-pole
Min Req: Level 50 Excali-pole
Cost: 40,000 gold
Strength: 845
Skill Points: +738

35-hidden Ex Double Reel

Double Reel

Medieval ChainEdit

Replaces the old thin line with heavy duty Medieval Chain Links.

Complete: Witches Brew Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Excali-pole
Min Req: Level 60 Excali-pole
Cost: 80,000 gold
Strength: 968
Skill Points: +123

36-hidden Ex Medieval Chain

Medieval Chain

Spear Launcher Edit

Adds a new element that the rare Arthurian Fish cannot handle.

Complete: Kings Casserole Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Excali-pole
Min Req: Level 70 Excali-pole
Cost: 120,000 gold
Strength: 1091 (+123)
Skill Points: +123

37-hidden Ex Spear Launcher

Spear Launcher

Pole Exclusive FishEdit

All poles have fish that can only be caught exclusively by that pole. The set of fish that can only be caught by the Excali-pole are:

Witch Fish Level 25+
Viking Fish Level 50+
Ironess Fish Level 57+
Prince Fish Level 64+
Merlin Fish Level 73+
Arthurian Fish Level 80

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