Eyepatch Catty Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 1,510
Min. Points 2,112
Min. Tourn. Points 238 points
Strength  ?
Min. Weight 1.50 lb / 680 g
Min. Pole Level 4 Royal Rescuer
Level 4 Pyratic Plunder
Min. Skill Truth of Piracy and Rescue
Habitat (Population) Devils Cove (Fairly Prolific)
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Description: CLUE FISH!
The Eyepatch Catty Fish suffered severe blindness from a double-pronged hook to the eye. The eye patches and enlarged whiskers give the Catty a tougher appearance, although the fish has equal strength to the Waterport counterpart. A seeing eye dog won’t be near this kitten...

* NOTE: Collect all clues before trying the key.
1st Clue fish overall

Gives Clue 1 of 4) Catch the Eyepatch Catty (level 4) to unlock this clue. The Skull Key