The Farovian Coast Guard wants to see your diving log for the day!

The Farovian Coast Guard searches for scuba divers who have exceeded the legal limit of dives without getting their Scuba diving license.

Beginning with the 16th dive of the day you may get away with the illegal dive or you may see the message:

"The Farovian Coast Guard is near by... You've been illegally diving # times today.
What do you want to do?"

You are given 4 options:

  • Remain in place, hope they don't ask for my dive log. (moderate success / small fine)
  • Dive under, hope they don't see me. (moderate success / medium fine)
  • Take off and gun for Blue Crescent. (high success / large fine)
  • Offer them a Jug of Rum. (always works if you have a Jug of Rum to give)


Farovian Coast Guard fines are determined on your action and # of illegal dives.

Choosing option 1:

  • Yes! They waved and went past me.

Choosing option 2:

Choosing option 3:

Choosing option 4: Should you choose the 4th option (Jug of Rum) you will see the following messages:

The Farovian Coast Guard is near by...

“They're coming closer, I might as well get the Jug of Rum ready to hand over...” (refresh)

The verdict is...

The coast guard accepted the rum and said they'll even forget about my previous scuba trips today!
So I can go an extra 15 times today! I had # Jugs of Rum, now have #.

Your number of trips is reset, allowing you 15 more legal scuba dives for the day. This can be done an unlimited number of times per day as long as you have rum (and enough oxygen).