Ferret Eel Fish
Farovian Fish
Ferret-eel hidden
Min. Gold 1,304
Min. Points 1,422
Min. Tourn. Points 161 points
Bait Preference Steak Chum
Min. Weight 1.13 lb
Min. Pole Level 15 Steam Powered Hydro-pole
Min. Skill Habitats of Large Fish
Habitat (Population) Blue Crescent (Threatened)
In-game links
Ferret Eel Fish Page
Ferret Eel Fish Longest Streaks
Ferret Eel Fish First Catches
Ferret Eel Fish Trophy Catches
Ferret Eel Fish Most Catches

Description: Found in various craters and tunnels of Blue Crescent, the Ferret Eel obtains a highly sociable personality that can become domineering during feeding sessions. Wranglers should use Steak Chum or Red Love Chum to attract this carnivorous creature.


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