Fish PopulationEdit

This page lists the probability of catching a fish at a particular location by its Population statistic in the local Fish List.

Fish have a varying rarity at each island. Here are the fish population names, in ascending order (from rarest to most common):

  1. Non-Existent
  2. Possibly Extinct
  3. Near Extinction
  4. Critically Endangered
  5. Endangered
  6. Threatened
  7. Extremely Rare
  8. Very Rare
  9. Rare
  10. Average
  11. Numerous
  12. Fairly Prolific
  13. Overflowing

There are currently no fish that are described as "Non-Existent" at any of the fishing locations, but fish described as being in one of the other population states are listed below.

See here for a graphical chart of where each fish can be caught, and their population in these locations


Possibly Extinct Near Extinction Critically Endangered
Fish Island
Ninja Fish WaterPort
Poison Oak Fish WaterPort
Wanderer Fish WaterPort
Marshall Fish WaterPort
Arthurian Fish Fishertonville
Graveskeeper Fish Fishertonville
Joan of Arc Fish Sigs Wasteland
Rock Fish Blue Crescent
Rock Fish Sigs Wasteland
Chainsaw Marlin Fish Blue Crescent
Chainsaw Marlin Fish Sans Culpra
Chainsaw Marlin Fish Sigs Lair
Razor Shark Fish Sigs Wasteland
Matador Fish Blue Crescent
Radioactive Fish Blue Crescent
King Crab Fish Sans Culpra
King Crab Fish Sigs Vault
Octo Fish Sans Culpra
Octo Fish Sigs Vault
Red Lobsta Fish Sans Culpra
Red Lobsta Fish Sigs Vault
Fiddler Crab Fish Sigs Wasteland
T850 Fish Sans Culpra
Fire Lion Fish Magma Reef
Melted Cubey Fish Magma Reef
Octo Magma Fish Magma Reef
Octo Magma Fish Sigs Wasteland
Cocktail Shrimp Fish Glacier Bay
Cocktail Shrimp Fish San Digloo
Cocktail Shrimp Fish Lake Freezberg
Cocktail Shrimp Fish Snowpeak River
Mother Cubey Fish Glacier Bay
Mother Cubey Fish San Digloo
Mother Cubey Fish Lake Freezberg
Mother Cubey Fish Snowpeak River
Bottom Feeder Fish Snowpeak River
Reigning Ice Fish Snowpeak River
Reigning Ice Fish Snowpeak Summit
Saint Fish Snowpeak Summit
Purgatory Fish Snowpeak Summit
Meat Grinder Marlin Fish Sigs Lair
Octo Octo Fish Sigs Vault
Kingdom Crab Fish Sigs Vault
Kingdom Crab Fish Sigs Wasteland
Electropian Lobsta Fish Sigs Vault
Electropian Lobsta Fish Sigs Wasteland
Diamond Rock Fish Sigs Wasteland
Band Crab Fish Sigs Wasteland
Joan of Enjer Fish Sigs Wasteland
Magma Octo Fish Sigs Wasteland
Razorback Fish Sigs Wasteland
Sir Sigfried Fish Sigs Wasteland
Igor the Algae Fish Sigs Wasteland
Igor the Plankton Fish Sigs Wasteland
Plangaepus Fish Sigs Wasteland
Loot Fish Devils Cove
Black Beardopus Fish Deadwater Pass
Mutinous Fish Deadwater Pass
Navigator Fish Krakken Rocks
Crossbone Fish Krakken Rocks
Krakken Fish Krakken Rocks
Jones Giant Squid Fish Krakken Rocks
Man o war Fish Krakken Rocks
Serpentine Fish Krakken Rocks
Underbite Fish Misty Cliffs
Scissor Squid Fish Bottomless Depths
Toby Richards Fish Bottomless Depths
Golden Fish WaterPort

Fish Island
Vampire Fish Fishertonville
Hate Fish Fishertonville
Grim Fish Blue Crescent
Sniper Fish WaterPort
Merlin Fish Fishertonville
Werewolf Miny Fish Fishertonville
Dr Deceit Fish Blue Crescent
T150 Fish Blue Crescent
Bat Fish Blue Crescent
Purpy Fish Blue Crescent
Striped Diablo Fish Blue Crescent
Great White Shark Fish Blue Crescent
Squid Vicious Fish Sans Culpra
Squid Vicious Fish Sigs Wasteland
Fire Lion Fish Sigs Wasteland
Flamyro Fish Magma Reef
Skeletor Fish Magma Reef
Inuit Fish San Digloo
Arctiwolf Fish Lake Freezberg
Karma Fish Snowpeak Summit
Police Fish Snowpeak Summit
Piranha Fish Snowpeak Summit
Magistrate Fish Snowpeak Summit
Flamion Fish Sigs Wasteland
Squid Murderous Fish Sigs Wasteland
Slicer Fish Poseidons Ring
Slicer Fish Misty Cliffs
Battle Turtle Fish Misty Cliffs
Alligaturtle Fish Bottomless Depths

Fish Island
Tiger Shark Fish Fishertonville
Twig Fish WaterPort
Woodpecker Fish WaterPort
Mechanic Fish WaterPort
Flyin Fish WaterPort
Viking Fish Fishertonville
Devil Ray Fish Fishertonville
Razor Shark Fish Blue Crescent
Sea Crocodile Fish Blue Crescent
Fiddler Crab Fish Sans Culpra
Magmaniac Fish Magma Reef
Jumpsuit Jerry Fish Magma Reef
Inuit Fish Lake Freezberg
Abdo Fish Snowpeak River
Abdo Fish Snowpeak Summit
Cannon Crab Fish Devils Cove
Swann Fish Deadwater Pass
Swann Fish Krakken Rocks
Mutinous Fish Krakken Rocks
Three Sheets Fish Krakken Rocks
Wench Fish Krakken Rocks
Blue Whale Fish Poseidons Ring
Shadow Squid Fish Bottomless Depths

Endangered Threatened Extremely Rare
Fish Island
Foamy Fish Fishertonville
Houdini Fish WaterPort
Wither Fish Fishertonville
Mammoth Squid Fish Sans Culpra
Spotted Eagle Ray Fish Sigs Vault
Volcano Rock Fish Magma Reef
Tubeworm Fish Magma Reef
Angelica Fish Glacier Bay
Angelica Fish Lake Freezberg
Corn Puff Fish Glacier Bay
Humptooth Fish Lake Freezberg
Winged Ray Fish Sigs Vault
Tooth Shark Fish Poseidons Ring
Corkscrew Ray Fish Poseidons Ring
Smiling Porpoise Fish Misty Cliffs
Getaway Fish Bottomless Depths

Fish Island
Hate Fish Blue Crescent
Joan of Farovia Fish Blue Crescent
Joan of Arc Fish Blue Crescent
Suave Fish Fishertonville
Scitzo Shark Fish Blue Crescent
Speckled Hate Fish Sigs Lair
Mammoth Squid Fish Sigs Vault
Spotted Eagle Ray Fish Sans Culpra
Firefly Fish Magma Reef
Hibernator Fish Glacier Bay
Corn Puff Fish San Digloo
Corn Puff Fish Lake Freezberg
Hockum Fish San Digloo
Spectacled Hate Fish Sigs Lair
Woolly Squid Fish Sigs Vault
Caged Cubey Fish Deadwater Pass
Caged Cubey Fish Krakken Rocks
Hooked Hate Fish Devils Cove
Cloak and Dagger Fish Misty Cliffs
Neck Shark Fish Misty Cliffs
Smiling Porpoise Fish Bottomless Depths

Fish Island
Emo Fish WaterPort
Grim Fish Fishertonville
Bay Fish Fishertonville
Sun Fish WaterPort
Squire Fish Fishertonville
Lantern Fish Sigs Wasteland
T850 Fish Sigs Wasteland
Firehose Eel Fish Magma Reef
Cherry Bomb Fish Magma Reef
Big Mouth Fish Snowpeak River
Lumberjack Fish Snowpeak River
Spotlight Fish Sigs Wasteland
O850 Fish Sigs Wasteland
Cloak and Dagger Fish Poseidons Ring
Red Whale Fish Misty Cliffs
Time Turtle Fish Misty Cliffs
Time Turtle Fish Bottomless Depths
Shock Shark Fish Bottomless Depths

Very Rare Rare Average
Fish Island
Vampire Fish WaterPort
Sea Tortoise Fish WaterPort
Cornucopia Fish WaterPort
Shard Fish WaterPort
Pioneer Fish WaterPort
Target Fish WaterPort
Witch Fish Fishertonville
Prince Fish Fishertonville
Vampress Fish Fishertonville
Red Diablo Shark Fish Blue Crescent
Putrid Fish Blue Crescent
Vet Fish Blue Crescent
T50 Fish Blue Crescent
Speckled Hate Fish Sans Culpra
Sting Ray Fish Sans Culpra
Peanut Jelly Fish Sans Culpra
Boiling Fish Magma Reef
Fire Fighter Fish Magma Reef
Icicle Fish Glacier Bay
Snow Leopard Shark Fish San Digloo
Hockum Fish Lake Freezberg
Guardian Angel Fish Snowpeak Summit
Arctic Hate Fish Snowpeak Summit
Cannon Crab Fish Krakken Rocks
Admiral Fish Devils Cove
Robber Fish Deadwater Pass
Plank Fish Krakken Rocks
Northern Star Fish Krakken Rocks
Pyrate Eel Fish Krakken Rocks
Slippery Eel Fish Misty Cliffs
Armor Eel Fish Bottomless Depths

Fish Island
Mime Fish WaterPort
Blossom Fish WaterPort
Siberian Tiger Shark Fish Sans Culpra
Siberian Tiger Shark Fish Sigs Lair
Sting Ray Fish Sans Culpra (Very Rare)
Sigs Vault
Sting Ray Fish Sigs Vault
Peccant Fish Sans Culpra
Peccant Fish Sigs Vault
Demon Sea Horse Fish Magma Reef
Snow Crab Fish Lake Freezberg
Snow Bunny Fish Lake Freezberg
Hibernator Fish San Digloo
Rainbow Trout Fish Snowpeak River
Electric Eel Fish Snowpeak River
Blood Hound Fish Snowpeak River
Spectacled Hate Fish Sigs Vault
Eyeball Ray Fish Sigs Vault
Eyeball Ray Fish Sigs Wasteland
Mutahnt Fish Sigs Vault
Parrot Fish Devils Cove
Peg Fish Deadwater Pass
Godfather Cubey Fish Poseidons Ring
Slippery Eel Fish Poseidons Ring
Chameleon Fish Misty Cliffs

Fish Island
Suave Fish Sigs Lair
Peanut Jelly Fish Sigs Wasteland
Flamyro Fish Sigs Wasteland
Hibernator Fish Lake Freezberg
Humptooth Fish Snowpeak Summit
Siberian Liger Shark Fish Sigs Lair
Siberian Liger Shark Fish Sigs Wasteland
Reeko Suave Fish Sigs Lair
Giant PBJ Fish Sigs Wasteland
Flaymzor Fish Sigs Wasteland
Admiral Fish Krakken Rocks
Robber Fish Krakken Rocks
Sea Dog Fish Krakken Rocks
Black Pearl Fish Krakken Rocks
Killer Clown Fish Misty Cliffs
Reverse Fish Bottomless Depths
Globster Fish Bottomless Depths

Numerous Fairly Prolific Overflowing
Fish Island
Loafy Fish Fishertonville
Hippie Fish WaterPort
Hippie Fish Fishertonville
Grim Fish Sigs Wasteland
Shell Fish WaterPort
Ironess Fish Fishertonville
Red Diablo Shark Fish Sigs Lair
Toro Fish Sigs Wasteland
Suave Fish Sans Culpra
Sub Fish Blue Crescent
Blackhawk Ray Fish Sans Culpra
Lantern Fish Sans Culpra
Snow Leopard Shark Fish Glacier Bay
Ice Prancer Fish Snowpeak Summit
Rudolph the Reinbie Fish Snowpeak Summit
Electric Eel Fish Snowpeak Summit
Blood Hound Fish Snowpeak Summit
Great Diablo Shark Fish Sigs Lair
Great Diablo Shark Fish Sigs Vault
Reeko Suave Fish Sigs Vault
Mutahnt Fish Sigs Wasteland
Madcow Fish Sigs Wasteland
Reaper Fish Sigs Wasteland
Booty Fish Devils Cove
Executioner Fish Krakken Rocks
Swashbuckler Fish Krakken Rocks
Brain Fish Poseidons Ring
Anvil Fish Misty Cliffs
Chameleon Fish Bottomless Depths

Fish Island
Miny Fish WaterPort
Miss Miny Fish WaterPort
Catty Fish WaterPort
Cubey Fish WaterPort
Cubey Fish Fishertonville
Loafy Fish WaterPort
Fiesta Fish WaterPort
Tiger Shark Fish Blue Crescent
Coconut Fish Fishertonville
Acorn Sea Slug Fish WaterPort
Duct Tape Eel Fish WaterPort
Needlenose Shark Fish Fishertonville
Sapphire Shark Fish Blue Crescent
Red Diablo Shark Fish Sans Culpra
Toro Fish Blue Crescent
Azul Fish Blue Crescent
Suave Fish Blue Crescent
Loco Fish Blue Crescent
Samurai Fish Sans Culpra
Samurai Fish Sigs Lair
Necktie Eel Fish Sans Culpra
Necktie Eel Fish Sigs Lair
Nebula Fish Magma Reef
Ice Ice Miny Fish Glacier Bay
Ice Puff Fish Glacier Bay
Icicle Fish San Digloo
Freezbite Fish Glacier Bay
Snow Leopard Shark Fish Snowpeak Summit
Snow Crab Fish San Digloo
Snow Bunny Fish San Digloo
Big Mouth Fish Lake Freezberg
Lumberjack Fish Lake Freezberg
Arctiwolf Fish Snowpeak River
Humptooth Fish Snowpeak River
Ice Prancer Fish Snowpeak River
Rudolph the Reinbie Fish Snowpeak River
Bowtie Eel Fish Sigs Lair
Great Diablo Shark Fish Sigs Wasteland
ShoGun Fish Sigs Lair
ShoGun Fish Sigs Vault
ShoGun Fish Sigs Wasteland
Bottle Fish Devils Cove
Bottle Fish Deadwater Pass
Caged Cubey Fish Devils Cove
Eyepatch Catty Fish Devils Cove
Parrot Fish Deadwater Pass
Map Ray Fish Deadwater Pass
Map Ray Fish Krakken Rocks
Citrus Fish Krakken Rocks
Vacuum Fish Poseidons Ring
Glutton Fish Poseidons Ring
Leaf Horse Fish Misty Cliffs
Crevice Crab Fish Bottomless Depths

Fish Island
Fireball Fish Magma Reef
Lighter Fish Magma Reef


Possibly Extinct Near Extinction Critically Endangered
Fish Island
Crooked Fish Santa Francesca
Razor Wire Eel Fish Santa Francesca
Concrete Fish Santa Francesca
Ladies Knight Fish Santa Francesca
Derby Fish Santa Francesca
Whacker Eel Fish Santa Francesca
Dandy Lion Fish Santa Francesca
Raven Fish New Seinborough
Midgard Eel Fish New Seinborough
Locust Fish New Seinborough
Apocalypse Eel Fish New Seinborough
Wrangler Fish Redwood Crescent
Steamer Shark Fish Redwood Crescent
X510 Fish Redwood Crescent
Babe Fish Redwood Crescent
Scout Shrimp Fish Perilimeter
Nuclear Arms Squid Fish Hexperiment
Albino Diablo Shark Fish Subaqueous
Fish Island
Gastric Fish Redwood Crescent
Earthmover Fish Redwood Crescent
Fish Island
Heap Turtle Fish Santa Francesca
Assassin Fish Santa Francesca
Root Horse Fish Santa Francesca
Sleipnirpus Fish New Seinborough
Armored Hell Fish New Seinborough
Archangel Fish New Seinborough
Sequoia Fish Redwood Crescent
Cactus Shark Fish Redwood Crescent
Sturgeon Fish Redwood Crescent
Donkey Fish Redwood Crescent
Syndrome Shark Fish Perilimeter
Tank Turtle Fish Hexperiment
Great White Squid Fish Subaqueous
Endangered Threatened Extremely Rare
Fish Island
Roid Fish Santa Francesca
Anchorhead Shark Fish Santa Francesca
Working Fish Santa Francesca
Pox Fish Santa Francesca
Black Widocto Fish Santa Francesca
Haight Fish Santa Francesca
Mantis Fish Santa Francesca
Lugh Fish New Seinborough
Fairy Fish New Seinborough
Warlock Fish New Seinborough
Storm Fish New Seinborough
Trapper Shark Fish Redwood Crescent
Navy Seal Fish Perilimeter
Heliopus Fish Hexperiment
Leviathan Whale Fish Subaqueous
Fish Island
Czar Fish Santa Francesca
Satyr Fish New Seinborough
Marshmallow Puffer Fish Redwood Crescent
Sword Squid Fish Redwood Crescent
Agent00 Fish Perilimeter
Driller Whale Fish Hexperiment
Walrus Shark Fish Subaqueous
Fish Island
Alley Fish Santa Francesca
Gull Fish Santa Francesca
Morringa Eel Fish New Seinborough
Goblin Fish New Seinborough
Succubus Ray Fish New Seinborough
Lamb Fish New Seinborough
Heavenly Shark Fish Redwood Crescent
Snapping Turtle Fish Redwood Crescent
Pinstriper Fish Redwood Crescent
Mine Puffer Fish Perilimeter
Crippler Crab Fish Hexperiment
Defuser Fish Hexperiment
Nautilus Snail Fish Subaqueous
Stinger Ray Fish Subaqueous
Reclusive Octo Fish Subaqueous
Very Rare Rare Average
Fish Island
Hermit Crab Fish Santa Francesca
Stank Fish Santa Francesca
Modern Fish Santa Francesca
Spite Fish Santa Francesca
Sod Eel Fish Santa Francesca
Steel Eel Fish New Seinborough
Axehead Shark Fish Redwood Crescent
Loon Ray Fish Redwood Crescent
Black Ops Fish Perilimeter
Cruiser Shark Fish Hexperiment
Scorpion Lobster Fish Subaqueous
Fish Island
Blue Gill Fish Santa Francesca
Clown Fish Santa Francesca
Sweeper Fish Santa Francesca
Puncture Fish New Seinborough
Beast Fish New Seinborough
Ram Fish Redwood Crescent
Redwood Whale Fish Redwood Crescent
Promontory Piranha Fish Subaqueous
Jellypus Fish Subaqueous
Fish Island
Pigeon Puffer Fish Santa Francesca
Scraper Fish Santa Francesca
Siesta Fish Santa Francesca
Butter Fish New Seinborough
Static Urchin Fish New Seinborough
Pelican Shark Fish New Seinborough
Screamer Fish New Seinborough
Rojo Fish Redwood Crescent
Mite Shark Fish Redwood Crescent
Grizzly Fish Redwood Crescent
Stealth Fish Perilimeter
Satellite Fish Hexperiment
Shield Ray Fish Hexperiment
EMP Eel Fish Subaqueous
Numerous Fairly Prolific Overflowing
Fish Island
Ratty Fish Santa Francesca
Box Fish Santa Francesca
Hero Fish Santa Francesca
Wonder Fish Santa Francesca
Rose Fish Santa Francesca
Paddle Fish New Seinborough
Elf Fish New Seinborough
Trolling Fish New Seinborough
Blood Fish New Seinborough
Beaver Fish Redwood Crescent
Skunk Fish Redwood Crescent
Moose Fish Redwood Crescent
Owl Puffer Fish Redwood Crescent
Streak Shark Fish Redwood Crescent
Mess Fish Perilimeter
Nurse Shark Fish Hexperiment
Hinge Shark Fish Subaqueous
Fish Island
Ocular Fish Santa Francesca
Sea Unicorn Fish New Seinborough
Baby Dragon Fish New Seinborough
Fungus Fish Redwood Crescent
Chipmunk Fish Redwood Crescent
Private Fish Perilimeter
Protest Fish Perilimeter
Pulverizer Shark Fish Subaqueous
Fish Island

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