Foamy Squid Fish
Farovian Fish
Foamy-squid hidden
Min. Gold 1,528
Min. Points 1,532
Min. Tourn. Points
Min. Weight 187.75 lb / 85.16 kg
Min. Pole Level 8 Sling Spear or Torpedo Spear or Electro Spear
Min. Skill Monster Wrangling
Resources Re-foamer (99% Attract)
Habitat (Population) SS Whiskey (Extremely Rare)
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Description: Having eight arms for eight beverages is an advantage for the Foamy Squid, who can be seen hosting keg parties and playing beer pong aboard the SS Whiskey. Wranglers can attract the Foamy Squid with the Re-Foamer attractant!

Wranglers can attract the Foamy Squid with the Re-foamer attractant!