Folsom Cruiser
8-blank FCruiser
Cost 15,000 silver
Speed 30 knots
Min. Points N/A (requires Basic Marksmanship)
Passenger Capacity 8
Trips/Level 10
Retail Outlet Santa Francesca Boat Shop

Description: The Folsom Cruiser unlocks voyage to the Mount Promontory regions... where the fish are unusually strong due to the Roperian Naval Academies testing on the local fish in hopes of one day catching the rare Albino Diablo Shark! Requires 10 long distance travels per each level.

(To see what the boat looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Note: For those thinking you can skip purchasing the Pallet Raft and purchase this as your first boat, you will find that you can't.

Even though you can catch the Spite Fish on the first Island of Santa Francesca which allows you to purchase the listed required Basic Marksmanship skill. Actually purchasing the Basic Marksmanship skill will unlock and allow the Folsom Cruiser so that it is viewable. However you will find that it also requires unlocking the Cabin Cruiser first via purchasing the Intro to Reef Cleaning skill from New Seinborough in order to actually purchase the Folsom Cruiser. (*Strongly advise against purchasing Basic Markmanship until after you have gone through New Seinborough area.)

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