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Looking to train new FW moderators + develop chat.20:41, September 16, 2015Jeydo
What pole and chum should i use to catch hermit crab23:13, March 3, 2015A Wikia Modifier
Editors Please Read - Admin & Bureaucratic Rights03:18, December 28, 2014Jeydo
Saving New Pages :)01:56, December 28, 2014Jeydo
Can we add new fish to Blue Cresent now?09:01, February 16, 2014Jed Cauffield
HOw do I get the Ice cubes?21:40, December 9, 2013Matticusmadness
My Cubey stopped catching fish.21:31, December 9, 2013Matticusmadness
Magma Reef - awful setup for21:20, December 9, 2013Matticusmadness
NF in Jettison Jetty23:27, May 9, 2013173.26.198.108
Weather service center23:36, January 26, 201371.7.252.35
Trip Time13:51, August 9, 201267.167.57.234
Best place for resources?17:43, July 30, 2012141.217.173.34
Stormy straight16:04, July 20, 201267.174.66.203
Waterport Super Bonus Quest22:34, April 27, 2012220.236.225.248
Hydra squid02:12, December 4, 201124.25.251.179
Is Fish Wrangler DOWN?23:06, November 12, 201198.150.249.225
Turn on Activity Animation20:23, November 4, 201171.58.186.161
Can't find uid for quest freind14:15, September 16, 201170.31.96.128
Werewolf mini02:25, August 10, 201175.168.119.114
Uid's06:32, August 4, 201167.160.132.51
Lava Suit in Magma Reef23:42, August 2, 2011VegaDark
Reprogram04:57, July 17, 201168.183.87.221
Amazon gift cards07:53, June 21, 2011119.152.65.148
Fish wrangler on Iphone21:34, May 4, 2011118.209.7.86
I want to send a Collectable to a Friend12:24, April 27, 2011Firehand
New Group 4 am Blue Crescent15:42, April 19, 201168.84.190.3
Anyone know MUTATION MIX ingredients for algaenitethe00:30, April 4, 201168.155.87.80
HELP! Electropian Lobsta15:13, March 30, 2011174.17.49.16
TREASURE CHEST BUG!!!!14:59, March 19, 201124.115.98.27
Which pole should be activated first for the dweller fish?04:11, February 21, 201169.218.26.116
New Fish gi9ving up key to Sig's lair00:40, February 19, 201169.115.67.221
Any tips for getting resources22:31, February 4, 201166.176.104.172
Forum Down14:24, December 13, 201081.132.47.197
Roperia!18:35, November 18, 2010Drew Rhodes
Skips18:41, November 14, 201072.83.240.2
Underbite fish!20:52, November 13, 2010184.60.3.23
How can i stop using RLC when a deckhand checks my line or on a crew trip?15:01, November 9, 2010142.177.141.125
Werewolf Miny01:48, November 1, 201086.163.142.198
Glow worm22:04, October 30, 201071.202.82.205
Bait for the Viking Fish??????????16:44, October 30, 2010207.172.225.243
New rocket booster?22:16, October 24, 201068.204.28.14
Getting to sigs shop page21:24, October 20, 2010192.245.43.102
Change night fishing?10:24, October 16, 201024.239.216.239
Help with Sniper fish05:10, September 29, 201066.49.225.185
Daily Raffel22:31, September 27, 201070.171.65.206
Toby Richards Wale Fish02:32, September 22, 2010JoshGreen
Crew mates needed for Night Fishing in Blue Crescent22:47, August 31, 201024.3.104.123
How To Find Ancient Mariner20:54, August 19, 2010192.91.75.30
What chum work`s in the ring16:16, August 16, 201072.135.61.124
Catching a Poison Oak fish12:01, August 6, 2010125.253.97.6
Why wait on last 2 Broken Standard quests until you get to Icelandia?18:15, July 28, 2010125.7.34.49
I can not log into fish wrangler18:09, July 28, 2010125.7.34.49
Lava suite21:48, July 27, 201070.75.180.174 FW without FB login?08:08, July 20, 2010Miker5825
Snow shoes13:27, July 19, 201075.65.144.138
Need Help Getting gold for Scuba Diving Licence22:59, July 16, 2010184.60.21.215
Werewofl Mini Help02:56, June 16, 2010Tails6000
Spaghetti Cannon Balls Quest04:01, May 30, 2010Lambdamuepsilon
Pole Damage!19:14, May 29, 2010136.1.1.104
How to catch a Mother Cubey?!?23:28, May 25, 2010142.177.245.96
Rocket Booster18:25, May 25, 2010ChrisNye
Octoodle Soup Quest12:33, May 8, 201063.248.176.51
Wher do I get the scuba helmet?00:55, May 3, 201071.142.68.68
Poison Oak Fish14:22, April 29, 2010207.199.228.232
Flying penguin error?16:43, April 27, 2010Acte14
Need Crew Members19:48, April 13, 2010Rich507
Missing deckhand trips21:26, April 11, 2010206.146.0.105
Volcano Fish10:15, April 10, 2010217.43.198.165
Finding rump roast after buyijng it04:23, April 6, 2010Zzkca
1098 more hexahedronal objects what does this mean12:18, April 4, 2010Seleina
Catching the octo fish?07:53, April 2, 2010Hollow ichigo
Night fishing catched adding to your quest catches?19:13, March 26, 201071.212.73.40
Holy Tent04:28, March 12, 201012.9.181.162
No catch with RLC on19:39, March 8, 201099.255.96.10
Can't catch octo tentacles??13:59, March 3, 2010Rachaelb
Have 4 spots open on night fishing party23:13, March 1, 201076.107.29.119
Sub-Zero Survival Traning or Massavior?02:17, March 1, 201099.232.97.108
Shark wrangling skill question02:22, February 27, 201066.168.224.60
Auger or add-on22:02, February 25, 2010137.151.174.128
Can't catch volanic fish11:20, February 20, 2010115.147.42.3
Please Join My Night Fishing00:01, February 18, 201074.221.161.197
Add me to crew22:27, February 14, 2010174.57.195.157
FW on cell phone? how?08:44, February 1, 2010Miker5825
Holy Liberator - incorrect image00:33, January 30, 2010Miker5825
Collectibles20:11, January 27, 2010206.82.145.4
Grim Fish Troubles05:57, January 25, 2010Zach C
Any ideas for getting Hippie fish?11:20, January 19, 201060.241.113.177
Tiger Shark Fish11:14, January 19, 201060.241.113.177
Can you nightfish in Magma Reef?11:10, January 19, 201060.241.113.177
Anyone want to update the tos page?00:49, January 19, 201065.184.21.36
How do i use password for earl13:42, January 13, 2010ImUnnamed
RLC catch bonus gone?17:50, January 12, 201012.20.48.10
Sea Crocodile14:07, January 12, 201071.87.212.82
Mechanic Fish11:04, January 10, 2010124.187.2.102
Mechanic fish any advice?11:01, January 10, 2010124.187.2.102
Going on vaca??05:54, January 10, 2010Miker5825
Any advice on catching Viking fish? I've tried everything!22:20, January 6, 201086.20.160.234
Chainsaw Marlin?02:40, January 4, 201069.227.23.108
What Chum to use???17:35, December 31, 200969.227.23.108
Sans culpra quest?06:42, December 29, 2009Hollow ichigo
57th resource04:25, December 29, 2009Markgatty
Any tips for catching a razorfish? I've been lvl 70 Sonar for 2 wks: still no dice06:14, December 28, 2009Zach C
Gold plated speargun or icelantica? which way do i go with my 1 mil gold?06:10, December 28, 2009Zach C
Quest question23:09, December 17, 2009Thatcherw
Icelantica/Quest16:44, December 10, 2009Hopwood83
Red Lobster and King Crab03:35, December 9, 2009122.58.67.185
Striped Diablo Fish15:02, December 8, 200967.100.3.214
Any tips for cathing a Wanderer Fish01:04, December 7, 200967.175.240.231
Red sharks rip off10:52, November 30, 2009Thatcherw
Crew Trips While Scuba Fishing17:24, November 25, 2009Thatcherw
Shard fish any tips on catching them22:06, November 23, 2009Thatcherw
Any one know how to best catch targeyt,marshall or sniper??17:40, November 21, 200974.207.183.180
Fire Lion any tips14:20, November 19, 2009Icebombbb
Entering Earl's House04:47, November 17, 2009Thatcherw
Odd Message while Augering in Icelantica19:30, November 16, 2009Jayberwock
How can I attract a Flaymro fish??03:42, November 9, 2009Thatcherw
Nightfishing crew06:52, November 8, 2009Thatcherw
What to do now?03:38, October 31, 2009220.255.7.169
I need a flyin fish. Help!13:19, October 30, 2009Thatcherw
How to get Snow Shoes05:31, October 29, 2009Thatcherw
RLC or Fish Guts for woodpecker fish?09:06, October 28, 2009Thatcherw
Spear gun or Scuba Fishing License?01:09, October 25, 200999.232.97.108
Hate Attractants23:23, October 24, 2009Thatcherw
Is there a bait that can lure the hippie fish??17:47, October 23, 2009Hollow ichigo
Whiffs20:25, October 17, 2009Thatcherw
Deckhand checks?07:49, October 15, 2009Hollow ichigo
Woodpecker,Poison Oak)13:47, October 14, 200924.214.203.114
Having no luck with the Stripped Diablo Fish...any tips?05:16, October 14, 200998.150.165.195
Can I change my starting time for night fishing?09:31, October 13, 2009P337
How do i catch a radioative fish17:47, October 9, 2009Thatcherw
Quest catches and pole leveling09:40, October 8, 2009Thatcherw
What to buy? steam power or mini cruiser?08:06, October 8, 2009Hollow ichigo
What is the best bait to catch a Ninja been using love chum for days no luck?15:05, October 7, 2009Jayberwock
Last pole quest15:03, October 7, 2009Jayberwock
RLC gifting?09:11, October 2, 2009Thatcherw
Resource exchange rates on Wiki, when?09:06, October 2, 2009Thatcherw
How to get Twig Fish with ease(i have lvl 61 oak branch)?15:45, September 29, 2009DJPixel
Resources bugged?04:03, September 25, 200999.238.83.114
Tips on catching Houdini fish?09:50, September 19, 2009King Neoterikos
Best bait for Putrid Fish?08:19, September 15, 2009Thatcherw
When it says min. necro pole, does that mean that any pole over better than a necro pole will work?08:04, September 15, 2009Thatcherw
What do shells do?08:02, September 15, 2009Thatcherw
Le t me just say, the best game to play. Thank you. Is there any Idea when the Resource exchange will be up and running?16:20, September 13, 2009Jayberwock
How and where to catch an Emo?07:54, September 8, 2009Sanjeewade
Anyone caught a Foamy Lately? Been working 5 days just to catch this one for quest.02:30, September 7, 200924.214.203.114
Are there any ways of attarcting the ninja fish other than with a ninja attractant?02:29, September 7, 200924.214.203.114
Any night fishing parties in galcier bay?06:23, September 3, 2009LayzAyzn
How do I leave my Night Fishing party?14:23, September 1, 2009LayzAyzn
Poison oak fish17:59, August 31, 2009159.136.224.13
Nite Fishing in Glacier Bay?02:59, August 31, 2009LayzAyzn
Foamy fish06:21, August 30, 200981.158.69.10
Overall Catch Total Glitch04:58, August 29, 2009Teddi Donedidit
Guide me please?00:38, August 29, 2009LayzAyzn
Holy Liberator02:00, August 27, 2009LayzAyzn
Need help catching miny's please01:34, August 26, 2009Phoenix2502
Attractants19:15, August 25, 2009LayzAyzn
King Crab & Lobster09:56, August 20, 200960.51.138.18
Coins02:32, August 20, 2009203.51.91.217
Striped diablo fish?15:02, August 19, 2009Robotslashy
I own a level 60/60 broken standard, would buying the mini cruiser be better or buyig the second agument be better?00:40, August 19, 2009LayzAyzn
I did give earl a debth charge for gps use, but then now i got another debth charge!! what if i use the debth charge and what will happen????03:47, August 18, 2009LayzAyzn
How do i catch the emo fish at waterport?03:53, August 17, 200976.7.23.127
How do I increase my Strength?01:30, August 17, 2009LayzAyzn
HELP!!! cannot catch woodpecker02:20, August 15, 2009LayzAyzn
Nearly froze boat????14:57, August 13, 200924.214.203.114
Help on catching Twig fish.05:29, August 13, 200924.214.203.114
How can I catch ninja fish ?17:51, August 11, 2009LayzAyzn
Dingy and Night fishing15:35, August 11, 2009173.24.31.111
Why are my night fishing catches not counting towards quests...?12:01, August 8, 2009LayzAyzn
What's the best chum for reeling in an Octo tentacle?17:26, August 7, 2009LayzAyzn
Cell phone access02:59, August 7, 200974.214.144.145
Suggestions on how to catch a red lobsta13:44, July 27, 2009159.136.224.13
Rcl10:46, July 27, 2009122.107.187.43
Boat or pole?02:42, July 22, 200976.98.169.21
Rock Fish01:45, July 22, 2009Thatcherw
Grim or Joan of Arc attractant01:40, July 22, 2009Thatcherw
Offers for RLC01:35, July 22, 2009Thatcherw
Any tips for getting Ninja or Hate fish?05:28, July 21, 2009Blegvan
Fishing with mini cruiser12:02, July 20, 2009Jayberwock
Fire extingisters07:08, July 20, 2009Mohgui
Best chum for Twig fish19:50, July 17, 2009CaPPsiE
Earl won't let me in.18:42, July 17, 200974.72.88.71
What are the different ranks?14:54, July 17, 2009LayzAyzn
More ninja in Waterport or Fishertonville?21:13, July 14, 2009LayzAyzn
Counting quest casts22:32, July 12, 2009LayzAyzn
Emo Description Clues?16:36, July 12, 2009LayzAyzn
Ideas on How to Catch Houdini Fish14:45, July 12, 2009Concretelogic77
How to get 3 tentacles? Been trying for awhile now.....21:59, July 10, 2009LayzAyzn
Catch Rates?17:34, July 10, 2009LayzAyzn
Can I fill the broken standard quests in fishertonville?17:46, July 9, 2009LayzAyzn
RED LOVE CHUM06:44, July 9, 2009Thatcherw
Fire sludge and night fishing06:18, July 9, 2009LayzAyzn
Any Help on catching Emo's in Fishertonville with a Fancy Pole13:14, July 7, 2009Jayberwock
Skills & poles up fish down18:27, July 6, 2009LayzAyzn
Habitats of large fish skill or new boat to goto BC?02:09, July 5, 2009Thatcherw
How To Catch A Mime Fish In Waterport?16:06, July 4, 2009Maxmison
Suggestions for catching foamy fish12:34, July 4, 200970.244.181.73
Vampire Fish21:29, July 3, 2009Brianbickford1
How to get oak branch past level 50??17:44, July 1, 200976.64.148.169
Night fishing leave to change?20:48, June 30, 2009LayzAyzn
Help need more crew20:46, June 28, 200974.14.89.142
Where was earl?19:39, June 26, 2009LayzAyzn
Sea Tortoise Only For Oak Branch?15:03, June 24, 2009LayzAyzn
What chum do I need to use for the cornucopia and turtle in waterport10:11, June 23, 2009114.77.22.180
I have bought an oak branch pole and now it is not in my list.03:11, June 21, 2009LayzAyzn
Request to remove prefix01:39, June 21, 2009LayzAyzn
How do I catch a melted cubey??00:57, June 20, 2009Thatcherw
Scuba helmet17:58, June 19, 2009Thatcherw
Needing tips on earning fast gold20:15, June 11, 2009Thatcherw
Doing horrible in tourney with level 32 pole16:29, June 10, 2009Jayberwock
Im looking for suggestions on how to catch a Tiger Sharks21:54, June 3, 2009Jody Sallans
Where do I get spear gun?18:02, June 1, 2009Jasman
What is an ice show ?14:18, May 29, 2009Jayberwock
Earl's House05:14, May 26, 2009Markgatty
Change stuff GPS04:10, May 25, 2009Markgatty
What or which crew member governs which Class night tourny you are in?15:02, May 22, 2009121.216.224.144
What level necro pole do i need to be in order to get the helmet at blue cresent?13:43, May 22, 2009Markgatty
What are the rubies u win the the tournaments for? please help me figure this out04:18, May 21, 2009Markgatty
I'm a tuna wrangler. which pole should i get next?07:09, May 13, 2009Markgatty
I'm at Sans Culpra, have the license, working on getting the pneumatic spear gun, where do i go from here?03:29, May 7, 2009Markgatty
Where was Earl?03:24, May 7, 2009Markgatty
Sans Culpra Quandry02:29, May 5, 2009Markgatty
Some stats for the Magma Reef tournaments06:50, May 4, 2009Markgatty
I want to buy red love chum off some one10:54, May 3, 2009123.211.250.192
Ninja attractant, how to use? What pole do i need?12:39, April 29, 2009Jayberwock
Distinguishing game text05:27, April 8, 2009Hyperchao
Goodness/evilness17:03, April 6, 2009Jayberwock
FishWrangler chat channel20:40, April 2, 2009Bastique

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