Franken Ness Monster Fish
Roperian Fish
Franken-ness hidden
Min. Silver 12,750
Min. Points 13,410
Min. Tourn. Points 1,507 points
Strength Myth
Bait Preference Mystery Meat Chum
Min. Weight 93.75 lb / 42.53 kg
Min. Pole Level 80 Any Roperian Pole
Min. Skill Filtration 101
Habitat (Population) Any Roperian Island
In-game links
Franken Ness Monster Fish Page
Franken Ness Monster Fish Longest Streaks
Franken Ness Monster Fish First Catches
Franken Ness Monster Fish Trophy Catches
Franken Ness Monster Fish Most Catches

Description: The Franken Ness Monster is an alleged creature purportedly inhabiting the river region of Zyrbelia. Popular interest and belief in the animal has risen since Franken was brought to the world's attention in mid 2011.

How to catch Franken Ness Monster Fish: The Franken Ness Monster is catchable anywhere in Roperia with a level 80 Roperian pole. The problem is with how rare the stinkin' thing is!

This is one of the 'rarer' fish to catch. For the others see Rare Fish.

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