Free Love Chum
Farovian Chum
Cost (Refund) Awarded
Chum Loss 0%
Attraction 15%
Retail Outlet N/A

Description: Free Love Chum (formerly known as RLx) is just like the Red Love Chum, except it's given out in place of any Free RLC that we ever give away.

Free Love Chum has almost all the same properties of Red Love Chum, but FLC cannot be purchased or traded (so purchasable benefits of RLC for example quicker travel times do not extend to FLC). It is given out in place of all free RLC and giveaway RLC (for example, in treasure chests, awarded through the Monthly Tournaments and as gifts/recompense for any downtime). It was created so the devs can give away more, and not worry about fake accounts.

Free Love Chum cannot be traded to other players, but you can use them to purchase Red Sharks or Deckhand Vouchers.

A bonus 250 FLC is given to wranglers for every full year that they play Fish Wrangler.

Free Love Chum was originally known as RLX. It was, however, changed by the developers soon after release to the current name. To see the original image of RLX, see here.

NOTE: A glitch has been seen occasionally when buying Deckhand Vouchers or Red Sharks and getting a deckhand/crew trip simultaneously, that leads to your total chum becoming -1.

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