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Blue Crescent Fuel Station (NOW MOBILE!) The Mini-Cruiser requires fuel to go. Keep your eye on your tank. Fill up when necessary.

Other Fuel sources are used to travel to destinations faster than normal.

Medium Grade FuelEdit

Not the best type of fuel around... but it sure gets the job done. Available to purchase from the Blue Crescent Fuel Station.

Cost: 25 per gallon (2,500 gold for a complete fill up.)

It is important to keep your Mini-Cruiser topped up with Fuel. You will not be able to go fishing if the fuel gauge is empty. If the fuel gauge displays EMPTY! and you try to fish in your Mini-Cruiser you get the message: "Out of boat fuel! Go get more."

Note: It is only possible to fill a Mini-Cruiser tank up to 100 gallons, though it is possible to have more than 100 gallons when a Fuel Drum is used (up to 700 gallons).

Due to a hidden feature, it is possible to obtain fuel from the Blue Crescent fuel station from any island. Just click on the fuel gauge in the top 'status bar' to fill up from the fuel station. This was included so that, for example, you will not get stuck on Sans Culpra with 0% fuel.

Grade A Rocket FuelEdit

The Rocket Booster only takes the very expensive, Grade A Rocket Fuel which is only available from Earl's house in WaterPort. The tank holds up to 100 gallons.

Cost: 300 per gallon Note: Unlike Medium Grade Fuel, Rocket Fuel is only used when traveling.

Grade AA Rocket FuelEdit

The Super Rocket Booster only takes the extremely expensive, Grade AA Rocket Fuel which is only available in Icelantian regions which is purchasable at any time by clicking the %. The tank holds up to 100 gallons.

Every three minutes, One gallon is burned and it increases boat speed by ~3-4 times. The fuel is expensive and NOT for everyone. On average, it will cost you ~1,500 gold per minute that it saves you. Currently, one gallon costs 12,000 gold.*

  • Rocket Fuel costs are subject to change based on the Farovian Oil Refinery production and marketing costs.

The first 50% of the tank is filled, free of charge as soon as you purchase the Super Rocket Booster.

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