Graveskeeper Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 2,415
Min. Points 2,910
Min. Tourn. Points 333 points
Strength Shovel Slap
Min. Weight 5.06 lb / 2.30 kg
Min. Pole Level 80 Necro-pole
Min. Skill Habitats of Large Fish
Habitat (Population) Fishertonville (Possibly Extinct)
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Description: The eerie Graveskeeper Fish can be seen roaming the deep waters throughout the night. Carrying a worn shovel and wearing a dirty suit, the fish remains to be a strange obscurity to Farovia. Attract the Graveskeeper by using the final augment of the Necro pole.

How to catch Graveskeeper Fish: Catch Graveskeeper Fish by using a Level 80+ Necro-pole in Fishertonville. Requires the skill of Habitats of Large Fish. Recommended to use Liquid Gold when catching Graveskeeper Fish.

Requires the Golden Triangle of Misery add-on for the Necro-pole to catch.