Green Diablo Shark Fish
Roperian Fish
Green-diablo-shark hidden
Min. Silver 6,866
Min. Points 6,892
Min. Tourn. Points n/a
Min. Weight 12.56 lb / 5.70 kg
Min. Pole Level 80 Coal Powered Thermo-pole AND Level 80 Shredder
Min. Skill Intro to Reef Cleaning
Habitat (Population) Redwood Crescent (Possibly Extinct)
In-game links
Green Diablo Shark Fish Page
Green Diablo Shark Fish Longest Streaks
Green Diablo Shark Fish First Catches
Green Diablo Shark Fish Trophy Catches
Green Diablo Shark Fish Most Catches

Description: MULTI-POLE REQ! Polaroid #15!
Once upon a time, the Green Diablo was a peaceful shark residing among the green forests of Redwood Crescent, but everything changed when the region was destroyed by the logging industry. Save yourself by using the combination of the Coal Powered Hydro-pole and Shredder Pole!

How to catch Green Diablo Shark Fish:
Catch the Green Diablo Shark in Redwood Crescent by using a maxed out Coal Powered Hydro-pole and activating Liquid Gold on the breed. Continue fishing as usual, and you will eventually be prompted with a message that tells you to switch to your maxed out Shredder Pole!

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