Herculean Fish
Roperian Fish
Herculean hidden
Min. Silver 1,457
Min. Points 1,450
Min. Tourn. Points 169 points
Min. Weight 3.88 lb
Min. Pole Level 46 Legionnaires Lance
Min. Skill Mythology of Roperia
Habitat (Population) Helvetica (Near Extinction)
In-game links
Herculean Fish Page
Herculean Fish Longest Streaks
Herculean Fish First Catches
Herculean Fish Trophy Catches
Herculean Fish Most Catches

Description: Formerly known as the god of strength and victory, the Herculean Fish is best described as a modern day heavyweight champion. Using his strong biceps and eight-pack stomach, the Herculean Fish swims proudly in a short skirt knowing he's undefeated in every Roperian heavyweight bout ever recorded.

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