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Description: After scientific research and lab experimentation, the Roperian Naval Institute discovered the various fish could be transformed into military weapons. Wranglers will need to defeat the dangerous breeds residing within the "Hexperiment" facility.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Getting to HexperimentEdit

To reach Hexperiment, catch a level 20 Scout Shrimp Fish in the island of Perilimeter

What to BuyEdit

The same items that exist in Perilimeter exist in Hexperiment as well. You add onto your Folsom pole even more and level it up farther.

What to CatchEdit

Hexperiment is very similar to Misty Cliffs so similar fish populations can be found here as well:

Fish Min. Pole Min. Skill Population Status Min. Points Min. Silver Chum Preference
Blowdart Puffer Fish Level 20 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 12Fairly Prolific 366 375 -
Nurse Shark Fish Level 20 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 11Numerous 404 409 -
Satellite Fish Level 22 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 10Average 481 486 -
Shield Ray Fish Level 25 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 10Average 512 514 -
Cruiser Shark Fish Level 28 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 08Very Rare 579 582 -
Driller Whale Fish Level 32 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 06Threatened 763 761 -
Crippler Crab Fish Level 36 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 07Extremely Rare 700 707 -
Defuser Fish Level 39 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 07Extremely Rare 646 645 -
Tank Turtle Fish Level 42 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 04Critically Endangered 1,005 1,001 -
Heliopus Fish Level 46 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 05Endangered 887 975 -
Nuclear Arms Squid Fish Level 50 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 02Possibly Extinct 1,352 1,500 -

A rogues gallery of each Hexperiment fish can be found in The Fish of Hexperiment.

Moving OnEdit

To unlock Subaqueous, the third and final island in Mount Promontory, you need to catch a Level 50 Nuclear Arms Squid Fish.