Hybrid Cruiser
Hybrid cruiser
Cost 250,000
Speed 30 mph / 26 knots
Min. Points 3,000,000
Goodness 3,000
Passenger Capacity 8
Trips/Level 4
Retail Outlet Glacier Bay Boat Shop

Description: Runs on solar power and has minimal impact on the environment. Made out of recycled materials and is highly efficient with its electric powered engine. Requires 4 long distance travels per each level.

More details about Evilness and Goodness points.

Upgrade: Super Rocket Booster - You can purchase the Super Rocket Booster for 1,000,000 gold & 1,000 Shells and uses the super-expensive Grade AA Rocket Fuel. The Super Rocket Booster can be used with the Alcatraz Cruiser and Icelantican Boats which will increases boat speed by 3.5 times and burns one gallon per three minutes.

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