Hyena Fish
Roperian Fish
Hyena hidden
Min. Silver 1,320
Min. Points 1,313
Min. Tourn. Points 150 points
Min. Weight 1.81 lb
Min. Pole Level 53 Survivalist or Poacherist
Min. Skill Sacrifice Survival
Habitat (Population) Cadaver Expanse (Near Extinction)
In-game links
Hyena Fish Page
Hyena Fish Longest Streaks
Hyena Fish First Catches
Hyena Fish Trophy Catches
Hyena Fish Most Catches

Description: The cackle of the Hyena can be heard throughout the plain region, often causing terror and fear amongst the perceiving population. One look at the spotted hyena and you’ll quickly understand why it's been a symbol in Zyrbelian folklore.

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