Icicle Fish
Farovian Fish
Icicle shadow
Min. Gold 1,010
Min. Points 1,610
Min. Tourn. Points 180 points
Strength Weak
Min. Weight 2 oz / 57 g
Min. Pole Level 2 Holy Liberator
Level 2 Evil Obliterator
Min. Skill Scuba Fishing License
Resources Antifreeze Protein (99% Repel)
Habitat (Population) Glacier Bay (Very Rare)
San Digloo (Fairly Prolific)
In-game links
Icicle Fish Page
Icicle Fish Longest Streaks
Icicle Fish First Catches
Icicle Fish Trophy Catches
Icicle Fish Most Catches

Description: The Icicle Fish is related to the Fireball Fish from Magma Reef and certainly takes after it's overpopulating behaviors as well.

How to catch Icicle Fish: Catch Icicle Fish by using a Level 2+ Holy Liberator or Evil Obliterator in Glacier Bay and San Digloo. Requires the skill of the Scuba Fishing License. Repel Icicle Fish by using Antifreeze Protein.

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