The purpose of this article is to identify and track all known bugs and inconsistencies in the current state of the game in order to inform both wranglers and game administrator(s). Because much of the text that appears in this wiki are presented directly from the game, this may also serve as a list of errata for this wiki. Only unexpected game behaviors or erroneous texts should be listed. This is not a place to post balance "issues" or other rants. Please update as new issues are found or current ones are resolved, found to be intentional, or cannot be reproduced. Give reasons for removal.

The bugs are broadly classified into:

  • Game play bugs - those bugs which directly contradict or deviate from the way a feature was intended to be used.
  • Cosmetic bugs - typos and other cosmetic issues found in the game.

This page may contain spoilers! Continue at your own discretion.

Game play bugs Edit

No. Title Island Bug report Status Comments
1 Points taken away by penguin /raccoon Icelantica When the penguin/raccoon is stealing your next 2 catches, they steal your gold, points and g/e points. But they also steal the points you get from "you took 3 members with you and gain 75 points", these 75 points are also stolen, even though it's not related to the fish caught. Open  
2 Scuba helmet Sans Culpra At least 2 reported cases of not having Scuba helmet after scuba fishing for a while Needs verification See [1]
3 NF error All At least 1 reported case of going on NF even though not on the same island as the leader Closed Too general - more specific causes need to be captured in future
4 Drilling at SD / LF Icelantica Drilling in SD and traveling to LF will have the hole open there as well, so there is no need to buy the augmented auger. Or, you can drill in LF for the higher points, and then go back to SD to fish; Drilling timeout is shared between the locations. Open See [2]
5 Illegal fishing All a) It is possible to catch elite fish with the wrong pole (reportedly, CI), during a captain trip
b) It's possible to fish with Pneumatic Spear Gun in GB
c) The spear gun works on Night Fishing trips outside of Sans Culpra
Open? (b) is fixed
(c) is now fixed - you get the message "Joe had spear gun activated, unable to go"
6 Captain Trips cornerstone cases All There are a couple of cases where the messages on captain trips could be tidied.
(a) If you don't catch anything on a Captain Trip, your apprentice gets a generic 'fish' catch, but the captain's message looks like a normal cast - shouldn't the text say "took Joe on a Captain Trip, didn't catch anything"
4:00am PDT
Watched my friend Diego catch a Fish and earned 151 points for fishing alongside my Captain who brought in the small points today.
4:00am PDT
Didn't catch anything.

(b) When the captain is using the CI in FV/WP, the apprentice doesn't get a captain trip, just the reward as if they went with Cap'n Jozek, but the Captain does do a Cubey School cast - this could be treated as a normal captain's trip?

4:10am PDT
Received 179 pts plus an extra 280 pts for logging in on 56 different days! (5 extra pts/day). Check out Captain Trips!
4:10am PDT
Caught a 1.13 lb school of 3 Cubey Fish, worth 177 points and 162 gold! Plus, my pole cooled off a little. That should help with lava fishing later.

(c) Something similar happens if the Captain bags a Loafy Fish.

4:20am PDT
Received 179 pts plus an extra 280 pts for logging in on 56 different days! (5 extra pts/day). Check out Captain Trips!
4:20am PDT
Caught a 8 oz Loafy Fish, worth 160 points and 6 Loaf Chums! Used 1 Loaf, have 1 left.

7 Joining Tournaments All The act of joining a tournament should not try to execute the first cast. Before you start a tourney you dont know where it is held so you just want to know where it is, but if you are unlucky enough to be in the right location wth the right pole, joining a tourney will execute the first cast and you may not have the right chum/attractants activated.

In addition, this also had the side effect that there was no pole/chum check in MR so if you happened to be in MR when you joined a tourney, it would burn a piece of fire sludge chum (bizarrely). This one may have been fixed now that MR is now a valid tourney location.
8 Non-existing collectibles Icelantica User experience suggests that it is not possible to get the Penguin Boots, Raccoon Paws and Polar Bear Rug. According to Joe, they are supposed to drop using the "share" option, but there are no reports of getting these collectibles ever since the code was changed on 04/24. It is suspected that the share option is dropping out of the code before the test for acquiring a collectible is made. Fixed  
9 Scuba Dive count Sans Culpra If you use your spear gun above water, it still counts as a dive towards your licence. Strictly speaking it shouldn't. See Forum:Not really help question - Scuba dive count.

In addition, the message that RLC helps towards your dives is shown if you fish in SC even if you don't own a Spear Gun. These casts don't actually count towards your overall count however, but the message shouldn't be appearing altogether.

October 5 4:18pm PDT
Ooo.. I found a message in a bottle from Earl! Caught a 5 oz Cubey Fish, worth 57 points and 80 gold. I used 1 Red Love Chum, have 1542 left. Received 75 extra points for bringing 3 crew members! Woohoo! Gained 3 extra overall scuba trips from the RLC!
October 5 4:03pm PDT
Blake led trip... Caught a 5 oz Miny Fish, worth 41 points and 55 gold. I used 1 Red Love Chum, have 1543 left. Woohoo! Gained 3 extra overall scuba trips from the RLC!
October 5 4:02pm PDT
I think I see something floating out there. Let's see if I can reel it in next time. Caught a 8 oz Catty Fish, worth 53 points and 68 gold. I used 1 Red Love Chum, have 1544 left. Received 25 extra points for bringing 1 crew member! Woohoo! Gained 3 extra overall scuba trips from the RLC!

10 HL/EO pole leveling during NF Icelantica Even when the HL/EO pole is maxed at some level, say 63/63 and the next add on is NOT purchased, the pole is leveled during NF. This seems like an unintended side effect of the new NF pole leveling change. During normal fishing, the leveling shows no change, ex: remains at "16% of 64/63 complete" Fixed From change log: "consider the extra levels a freebie" :-)
11 All misses in Tournament All If you miss all 15 tournament casts, your tournament result of 0 pts will not be counted (it will look like you never took the tourney), and you will not receive the RLC for making the lowest score. Open See [3]
12 catches under 'Send Friends fishing' All It has been reported on the discussion boards that when someone was 'sent fishing' because they hadn't logged on for over a week they managed to catch a Twig Fish even though their pole was only level 34. Not verified  
13 Trophy Cubeys in schools WP/FV Catching a trophy cubey in a school of cubeys doesn't make any mention of catching a school and incorrectly refers to the combined school weight as the trophy weight - not the individual weight of the trophy cubey in question.
In addition, the gold and points awarded appear to relate to the single trophy cubey in question and not to a school of multiple fish.
OH MY! Caught a VERY RARE 49.50 lb Cubey Fish, worth 270 points and 225 gold. Check the biggest catch board to see the records! 9 Cubies in a row! Bonus of 23 points and 26 gold! NEW PERSONAL RECORD: Heaviest Cubey @ 49.50 lb!

In the reverse direction, the weight of a large school (in terms of numbers) appears to be treated as a single cubey with respect to personal best records (and shown in the profile as such), but the weight is that of the school and not a single cubey (because it would show up in the trophy leaderboard otherwise).

Caught a 40.50 lb school of 81 Cubey Fish, worth 5022 points and 4067 gold! 307 Cubies in a row! Bonus of 210 points and 237 gold! NEW PERSONAL RECORD: Heaviest Cubey @ 40.50 lb! NEW PERSONAL RECORD: Cubey Catching Streak!

14 Speargun levels 4% regardless of catch SC The normal spear gun appears to be leveling according to the old pole leveling scheme and not inline with the recent changes. For example, it was reported that 4 dives were done with 2 catches and 2 steals. Each of the 4 dives leveled the spear gun 4% to be 16% of level 1.

Catches should have levelled the spear gun 8% each time and steals 4%, so that it would now be 24% of level 1

Once the 200th dive was completed (100% level 8) the license was purchsed from Earl, 8% on catches is being observed. It is not clear whether it was the 200th dive or the license that made the change. It is also not clear if this behavior is intentional, or in error.

Not verified  
15 RLC +2 bonus allows quests/augments to be started 2 levels earlier - The +2 level bonus that RLC provides is included in the pole level requirement when allowing quests to start/augments to be purchased. The 2 bonus levels are not normally counted on other similar tasks (e.g. Icelantican augments). Fixed [1]
16 Using Ice Cubes and Red Shark Skips - The Red Shark Skips interfere with Ice Cubes preventing the Ice Cubes from yielding a skip should the red skips be used before using any Ice Cube skips. The workaround is to use Ice Cube skips first, but there shouldn't be a required order Not verified  
17 Icelantica add-ons can be purchased in transit Icelantica The Icelantica pole add-ons can be purchased whilst in transit. Completing shop-based actions was recently fixed to await arrival at the destination. I am guessing these were missed in that update. Fixed Not possible to enter the shop until destination reached
18 Captain Trips do not adhere to chum rules - Captain trips do not follow the rules around chum use in particular locations. For example, Fire Sludge works in FV/WP when catching schools of cubeys - crew trips always yield a "did not catch anything" message. On the flipside, other chums, say Loaf Chum, will work in Magma Reef when active on a Captain Trip. Fixed Captain Trips do not use chum now
19 Captain Trips and Slacker Captain Trips - Consider the use case where an apprentice, Wrangler B, to Captain Wrangler A, is also a captain to Wrangler C. (i.e. so hierarchy is Wrangler A -> Wrangler B -> Wrangler C). Now Wrangler C overtakes Wrangler B so B is now a Slacker Captain.

Wrangler A will only go on a Captain Trip for the day if Wrangler B logs in before Wrangler C. i.e.

- If Wrangler C logs in before Wrangler B then he takes Wrangler B on a Slacker Captain Trip and Wrangler B doesn't go with Wranger A.
- If however Wrangler B logs in before Wrangler C then Wrangler A takes B on a Captain Trip. When Wrangler C logs in then he takes Wrangler B on a Slacker Captain Trip.

Wrangler A's Captain Trips should not be affected by when someone unrelated to him logs on. This should proceed as normal.

20 Tournament Leaderboards - The "next" and "back" links when scrolling through some classes for the monthly tournament leaderboard are incorrectly defined. They need to have the class number explicitly defined otherwise they default to your current class. For example The link for the Righteous class is when it should be

This also occurs on the Tuna class.

In addition, The medal icons are missing and the name of the class only appears in the header on your current class (i.e. from If the URL is then the class name is missing.

21 Dual crew trips interfere with catching streaks - It is has been known for some time that it is possible to get dual crew trips (when you get taken on a crew trip at exactly the same time by more than one crew member). If this dual crew trip happens during a catching streak the system gets confused over what streak is currently active. This is an example taken from a skipper's log - any misses/deckhand trips happening between these casts has been excluded for brevity.
January 4 3:26pm FVT Caught a 10.38 lb Eyeball Ray Fish, worth 2799 points and 1330 gold. I used 1 Plankton Chum, have 82 left. 4th Eyeball Ray in a row! Bonus of 419 points and 199 gold! NEW PERSONAL RECORD: Eyeball Ray Catching Streak!
January 4 3:05pm FVT Joe led trip... Caught a 10 oz ShoGun Fish, worth 1928 points and 909 gold. I used 1 Plankton Chum, have 84 left. 3rd ShoGun in a row! Bonus of 231 points and 109 gold!
January 4 3:05pm FVT Earl led trip... Caught a 10.31 lb Eyeball Ray Fish, worth 2798 points and 1329 gold. I used 1 Plankton Chum, have 85 left.
January 4 2:55pm FVT Caught a 10 oz ShoGun Fish, worth 1928 points and 909 gold. I used 1 Plankton Chum, have 86 left. 2nd ShoGun in a row! Bonus of 173 points and 81 gold! Received 50 extra points for bringing 1 crew member!

As can be seen, the current streak was on Shoguns. Two crew trips happened at the same time (3:05pm), one catching an Eyeball Ray and the other another Shogun, making that the 3rd. The next cast was an Eyeball Ray which was incorrectly given as a 4th streak.

22 Negative gold - It is possible to go into the red when buying the rocket booster which could leave wranglers struggling. There should be a check on any purchase that prevents the item being purchased if the wrangler does not hold enough gold. Open See [5]
23 Negative chum - Free love chum is displaying negative. Open Due to new deckhand voucher feature. Work is in progress to fix. Negative amount will correct itself upon purchase/receipt of chum.
24 Broken CI works in MR during tournament casts Magma Reef It's possible to use a broken (=Cubey-less) Cubey Incinerator in Magma Reef whilst tournament casting. Open

Cosmetic BugsEdit

No. Title Island Bug report Status Comments
1 Lake Freezberg map with wrong info about Advanced Augers Lake Freezberg On the map, the current text suggests that the minimum requirement (Advanced Auger) is a requirement for travel, and not just to fish Open Cosmetic
2 Lake Freezberg typo Lake Freezberg The response texts for the Rabid Coon misspells "raccoon". Fixed See Rabid Raccoon
3 NF message error All When you miss out on Night Fishing due to being on a different island it tells you which island you are on, but if you are at Glacier Bay, the message is:
"xxx () - not with yyy in Blue Crescent."
4 Momentarily disappearing Crew list All When you send an inactive member (i.e. not online for over a week) fishing, the crew list disappears to (0) when showing the results of that inactive member's fishing trip. Refreshing the crew list page brings this back to normal. Fixed  
5 FW box in FB profile All FW's pole image is not display properly when "moved to wall tab" under FB's profile section. Open Cosmetic
6 CI at WP/FV Chum usage Waterport / Fishertonville No chum used / left details while catching schools of cubeys Open Cosmetic
7 Resource description All The resource descriptions for Miny and Catty repellents has the line:
"Use only in Waterport and Fishertonville where the overpopulated fish exist"
But Minys and Cattys don't exist in Fishertonville.
8 Loafy fish chum usage reporting Waterport / Fishertonville When you catch a Loafy Fish, and you use loaf chum to catch it, the number of loaf chum that you are told is left doesn't include the amount of loafs you had just received from said Loafy Fish. Open Cosmetic
9 Trophy/Streak fish list - The Loafy fish doesn't appear on the trophy or longest streak fish lists. Open Cosmetic
10 Schools of cubey Waterport / Fishertonville Catching a trophy cubey in a school of cubeys incorrectly refers to the combined school weight as the trophy weight - not the individual weight of the trophy cubey in question. Open Upgraded to gameplay bug #13
11 Tourny leaderboard minor issue All When you look at the tourney leaderboard before you have entered for the day WITHOUT making the first cast, it defaults the table to the Extraordinaire Class Fixed  
12 Skipper's log minor issue on long posts All It is possible for the message received on a catch to exceed the maximum limit for those messages. Example:
"OH MY! Caught and released a VERY RARE 17.81 lb Hate Fish, added 420 release points to my tournament score for today! Check the biggest catch board to see the records! 11 casts left today. Used 1 Hate Attractant, have 8 left. 2nd Hate in a row! Bonus of 37 points! NEW PERSONA"

Open Cosmetic
13 Travelling with snow shoes San Digloo When travelling to GB from SD/LF/SR, the picture show the cruiser yet the text explcitly mentions the snow shoes: "Voyaging to Glacier Bay with my Snow Shoes". Voyaging between other Icelantican locations always shows the snow shoes picture.
Likewise when traveling from any island in Farovia to SD/LF/SR, the picture is the snow shoes yet the text mentions cruiser.

It looks like the image is just using the destination to work out what image to use, whereas the text is correctly classifying the mode of transport using both the source and destination island.

Open Cosmetic
14 Double attractant usage message All Caught and released ….Used 1 Joan of Farovia Attractant. Used 1 Joan of Arc Attractant. 2nd Joan of Farovia in a row!.... Open Not a bug?
15 Necropole levelling cosmetic issue - When the Necro Pole finishes a level, it goes to 0% complete for the same level, instead of going to 100% complete. It however levels as normal during the next cast Fixed  
16 Travel menu and confimation dialog typo Lake Freezberg Lake Freezberg travel menu and confirmation dialog spells it "Lake Freezeberg" - as does the NF summary if a user is incorrectly located there. Fixed  
17 Missing carriage return after acquiring snowshoes Skippers log Catching an Angelica Fish to get the snowshoes has the preceeding fish log next to the Angelic log entry, not below it suggesting a carriage return missing. See [2] Closed Non-reproducible
18 Putrid fish description Fish list The Putrid fish description still refers to the Sonar pole even though this fish cannot be caught by that pole anymore. Fixed  
19 Missing San Digloo fish list San Digloo The fish-all, trophy and catching streak list does not include the San Digloo fish when you get there. The San Digloo fish are only included once you reach Lake Freezberg. Fixed  
20 Peccant and Octo appearing in trophy/streak lists early trophy/streak lists The Peccant and Octo appear in the trophy/streak lists before SC is unlocked. The other SC fish are not shown. Open Cosmetic
21 Typo when finding Scitzo attractants in chests Treasure Chests The Scitzo attractants in treasure chests are referred to as a "Schitzo attr" Fixed  
22 Auger description points error San Digloo / Lake Freezberg The descriptions for the two augers states that they give 0-1,000 and 0-2,000 G/E points per use respectively - but they actually only award up to 400 and 800 points per use. Open Cosmetic
23 Level 100 good/evil poles do not glow All Reaching level 100 with the Holy and Evil poles does not add the glowing aura that other maximum level poles have. Open Cosmetic
24 Carriage return missing after missing NF member Night Fishing There is a carriage return missing in the sumary after a crew member is missing from a Night Fishing trip"
Diego was in Magma Reef, where its too dangerous to go night fishing.
Chester never showed up today - last seen 3 days 13 hours ago.Esmerelda was in Magma Reef, where its too dangerous to go night fishing.
Oscar (San Digloo) - not with Franchesca in Magma Reef.

Open Cosmetic
25 Fish description typos - Razor Shark - "They are known to tear apart dingy boats and ..."
Big Mouth Fish - "The Big Mouth is a type of bass that flourishes in the Icelantcian lakes"
Nebula Fish - "a canon ready to explode", should be cannon.
26 Images on catching streaks and trophy fish missing - The trophy fish list and catching streak lists is using the wrong URL for any caught fish images. Fixed  
27 Spotted Eagle Ray missing from Fish All list Sans Culpra As per the title, the Spotted Eagle Ray Fish is missing from the Fish-All list. Fixed  
28 Image missing when catching a Miss Miny WaterPort The image used in the top 'catch' bar when you bag a Miss Miny is not loading. Its trying to load "miss-miny-1.jpg" which doesn't exist. "miss-miny.jpg" does however. Fixed  
29 Incorrect Night Fishing message Night Fishing If the captain has already been NF in the last 24 hours (in a different NF party), they are correctly prevented from going, but the rest of the team are set to have gone on that trip - when they didn't because the captain didn't. The log says they went and their last NF trip was at that time, but they don't return with any fish (probably because they never went). Message in the log is:
June 6 9:07pm PDT
Melissa, Rose, Tony, Kathy left for Night Fishing.
Jenny went night fishing 16 hours ago - can only go once every 24 hours.

(Jenny was the captain - see Jun 6th results at As logically the group shouldn't have gone NF, this is being classified as a cosmetic issue because of the incorrect message in the log.
edit: Other captain errors also produce the same effect - e.g. if the captain is prevented from going night fishing due to having the soear activated in BC.

Open Cosmetic
30 Boat picture when surface fishing in Sans Culpra Sans Culpra The image used when surface fishing in SC always shows the Mini-Cruiser regardless of what boat you are currently using (e.g. Dinghy or Toxic/Hybrid Cruiser). Open Cosmetic
31 Typo when receiving a tentacle Sans Culpra The text on receiving a tentacle is "I nearly reeled in an Octo! I was able to atleast get a tentacle!"
- guessing it should be " least I was able to get a tentacle"
32 Mini cruiser description typo - ... the Mini Cruiser can take you to Fishertonville and Blue Crescent much faster than with the Dingy. Open Cosmetic
33 Scuba diving typo Sans Culpra 10th scuba trip today, 196th overall.. (NOTE: Scuba trip today / overall count message is hidden after 200 scuaba trips.) Fixed  
34 Oak Branch pole image WP/FV The image used in the WP/FV pole shop for the Oak Branch pole uses the old image with the steak bait, not the new one of chicken which is the image used while fishing. Fixed  
35 Progressive chests and tarpits All The image used when you get a x2 or x3 on a single tarpit is that of a 6-pack. The single tarpit image should be used for consistency (in the same way you get a single attractant image when you get x2 or x3 on attractants for example). Open Cosmetic
36 Apprentice message error - The point value in the apprentice message is using the combined total when the wording of the message suggests he should have just put the fish value there instead. e.g. :
4:18am PDT
Took Denise on my 1st Captain Trip of the day... I caught a 15 oz Blossom Fish - earned 813 points & 523 gold for showing my apprentice something new and Denise earned 813 points!
4:18am PDT
Watched my friend Audrey catch a 15 oz Blossom Fish and earned 1,488 points for learning a few things from my friend / experienced Captain. Plus an extra 675 pts for logging in on 135 different days

And 1488 - 675 (pts for logging) = 813

37 Quests Remaining Counter All The counter for how quests remain in a set goes a bit wrong when you have completed some of the quests more than once, i.e. :
"You need 1 more Oak Branch Dish for the complete set" on the Main Quest Page but:
"You need 2 more Oak Branch Dishes for the complete set" on the Oak Branch Quests page.

On the Quests completed it shows, e.g.:

Miny Medley Quest
Cajun Catfish Quest
Cajun Catfish Quest

38 Blue Crescent map page image - When the dinghy is activated (and you already have the Mini Cruiser) the Blue Crescent image in the map page ( is the grey mist which is typically used before any location is unlocked. The other locations are not greyed out even though the dinghy cannot also be used to travel to those locations. For consistency, the image should be visible in this situation, i.e. when Blue Crescent has already been unlocked, but not accessible due to having the dinghy selected. The grey image should be used while BC is locked however and the purchase of the mini cruiser is what unlocks that location. Fixed Cosmetic
39 Quest Info on profile missing - The quest information on a user profile is only shown if the user has an active quest. If the user has no currently active quests then this info is not displayed even though they may have completed one or more quests. Open Cosmetic
40 RLC Boost Box fish link - The link with the fish that receives the RLC bonus in quests does not work. It is missing the text "fish/" before the fish name. Fixed Minor
41 Typo on last SPHP augment - Everywhere else it is called Electro, but on completing the 4th quest, the message is

BetsyLou rewarded me with the Railway Reuben Dish! (Received the 246th one ever!) Completed quest for my first time ever in 7,930.13 mins! Unlocked the Electo DeathClaw Augment!

Open Cosmetic
42 RLC Boost message very slight inaccuracy - Real picky point here, but if yor boost is only 1.5 the message informs the user the boost is 1.5 ".. as the last quest catch was earlier today.". Strictly speaking, the message should read "... as the last quest catch was within 24 hours." as the last quest catch could have been yesterday (both locally speaking and in Farovian time). Open Minor
43 Overlook on fish descriptions - On the Houdini's description, it says that "The Houdini Fish can only be caught with a Level 50 Broken Standard fishing pole", when it should say "50+". Same for the Pioneer, but 25+. Open Cosmetic
44 Misplaced RLC Boost messages - Under certain circumstances, a crew member's boost message appears on your screen if you have just taken that crew member on a Crew Trip. Fixed  
45 Internationalisation text errors - There are still some instances of text that are not parsed correctly wrt internationalisation:
Private Fishing - the dialog contains

<fb:intl>Block Crew Trips for 10 min?</fb:intl> <fb:intl>This feature allows users to block crew trips while they do tournament casts with resources, so resources are only used on tourny casts.</fb:intl>

Within the green banner when you have met the requirements for a new skill. The "Learn Skill" button before the message "Congrats! You now meet the requirements to learn a new skill..." is similarly unformatted.
46 Missed Cubey school message - Another picky one. One of the messages for missing a Cubey isn't phrased correctly when catching a school.
A school of Cubey Fish floated right past my line, in his little ice cube

Open Cosmetic
47 Snowpeak unlocking requirements - The in-game text states you need a level 72+ pole before you can meet the Bottom Feeder to unlock SR. However user experience has demonstrated that it can be unlocked with a level as low as 69. Unknown whether the text is wrong and it should say 69 or whether those who unlocked it at 69 did so via a glitch. Open Cosmetic
48 Leaderboard errors - There are a few errors in the leaderboards;
"My Crews Rankings - Most Points" (top left table in - your gold is reported as zero but it is correctly reported in the Most Gold table
Expanded Points Table ( - your trips is reported as zero
Open Cosmetic
49 Captain Trips and RLC before scuba licence - On a captain trip before acquiring the licence, the text states that the use of RLC gives you an additional 3 trips towards your licence. As chum is not used on Captain trips, this message should not be there. Note that the message is in error as the trip doesnt actually count towards the total dive count anwyay.
1st scuba trip today, 61st overall.. Took on my 1st Captain Trip of the day... I caught a 2.44 kg Speckled Hate Fish - earned 793 points & 422 gold for teaching my........ NEW PERSONAL RECORD: Heaviest Speckled Hate @ 2.44 kg! Woohoo! Gained 3 extra overall scuba trips from the RLC!

Open Cosmetic
50 Summary Log and shells from magmaniacs - Incorrect display of shells worth on summary log when you catch a magmaniac which gives shells.
Found: (32 resources worth 1401 shells)
• Blue Crescent: 2 Vial of Bile
• Magma Reef: 29 Shells, 1 Fire Extinguisher
Found: (15 resources worth 225 shells)
• Magma Reef: 15 Shells

The calculation of the shells found are squared by itself into the total worth.

Open Cosmetic
51 Repair of overheated Cubey Incinerator - After repairing your overheated Cubey Incinerator, it shows up in your Poles area when your CI is active, that it 'Will be ready at 2am FVT', when it should actually be 12am FVT. Open Cosmetic
52 Sigs fish descriptions in the fish-all list - The fish descriptions for Sigs fish show the locked version on the fish-all page even though the fish may have already been unlocked and caught. Open Cosmetic
53 Resources error in summary log - If you just find resource(s) that cannot be traded in at the Resource Exchange (for example oxygen tanks) then the summary log will report
Found: ( resources)
• Sig's Lair: 203% Oxygen

where it usually informs the user how many resources were found and their value.

Open Cosmetic
54 Travel images - The traveling images do not show in IE - they do in FF. The root cause is the inclusion of null value width and height dimension parameters in the image definition in the HTML. FF ignores such values and sizes the images according to the image dimensions. IE appears to size the images as 'zero-sized' images and hence why they are not displaying. Note the image definition as per the tournament page does not exhibit the same behaviour. These images do not have null value size dimensions. Open Cosmetic
55 Revised fish descriptions do not list all details - In the revised in-game fish descriptions, not all the details will be listed in certain cicumstances. For example, as the min pole level and skill level requirements have been collaposed onto one line, if the fish does not have a minimum pole level requirement, then the skill requirement will not be listed. Fixed Cosmetic
56 Symbiotic augment links missing - The augment link for the symbiotic poles (e.g. is present in the pole list when the Planktonite pole is not the active pole, but disappears when it is the active pole.

In addition, the augment list from the pole-addons page (e.g. leads to the quest pages, not to the augment page .Further hunting from there eventually leads to the correct page.

The combination of both these issues means that it is a task just to find the page to purchase the augments from!

Open Cosmetic
57 Setting Liquid Gold to "Not Harnessed" returns an incorrect message - The message shown is: Success The Liquid Gold will harness its powers, once activated, on the four rarest fish! Open Cosmetic
58 Incorrect header image at raffle - The header image for the FLC Raffle says "RLC Raffle" instead of "FLC Raffle". Open Cosmetic
59 Incorrect or Lost image file - The hidden image for the Planktonite add-on Haunting Aroma (Addon #15 of 23)(94) is the same as Murderous Sucktion (Addon #156 of 23)(95).

Open Cosmetic

Not BugsEdit

The following "bugs" have been verified to be intentional.

Additional CommentryEdit

Please add additional commentry to any of the above bugs here:

Scuba Diving with no helmetEdit

It is possible to "re-acquire" the helmet by fishing in Blue Crescent with the Necro-pole. One possible suggestion as to the presence of this bug is that there may not been an initial check for the helmet when you first go diving. It is only when you want to purchase the license and/or PSG upgrade that a check is made. This hypothesis needs verification of course, but perhaps those affected by this bug never had the helmet in the first place?

Edit: As reported on the discussion boards, apparently there is a check for the helmet when you first arrive at SC (not sure whether this is as a warning whilst at the surface of SC or when toggling into scuba mode via pressing the "Fish" text), but there is no such check/warning when the spear gun is activated - which also enables scuba diving mode. As such it is possible to dive even if you do not have the helmet and hence a possible explanation to the above bug.

Shared DrillingEdit

This of course could be game design. If drilling was not shared between locations then wranglers could simply drill at both locations and earn themselves double the goodness/evilness points for doing so. A better fix could be to make the drilling separate, and not award points if the previous hole is still open.

All Misses in TournamentsEdit

This could be intentional. As learning skills is not mandatory, it is easy enough to intentionally put you at a disadvantage once you reach Blue Crescent. As the probability of having all 15 casts miss through normal progress must be incredibly low, not including any 'all-misses' streaks ensures the wooden-spoon 'winners' are awarded their consolation prize fairly.

Rubies attribution bug? Edit

Today (or yesterday should I say) results in Prodigious class:

	Tiara Tilaar	6,205pts	1,000 rubies
	Robin Poitras	6,205pts	950 rubies
	Nicholas Zachary	6,205pts	925 rubies

All have the same points and should share the same points, but in fact the game engine choose an order an attribute point according to it.
The funny thing is that all are considered as 'first' but only one get the points for being first...
This can affect any position as long a reward > 900 is involved.
(eg two at the 4th place will have a 911 and 900 points awarded.)
Esby 11:32, September 25, 2009 (UTC)

There is a defined ordering;
"In the event of a tie for a position, the person who created their Fish Wrangler account the earliest will receive the higher placing." - Monthly_Tournament#Scoring

The explanation could work, still:
Tiara Tilaar Member Since: 01/24/09 ( 24 january 2009)
Robin Poitras Member Since: 01/03/09 ( 3 january 2009 )
I'd assume earlier means first here ?
Esby 23:07, September 25, 2009 (UTC)
Besides, at this time of the day it now looks like that. (This ain't new, I already seen that before...)

1st	Robin Poitras	6,205pts	950 rubies
	Tiara Tilaar	6,205pts	1,000 rubies
	Nicholas Zachary	6,205pts	925 rubies

Going NegativeEdit

The issue with purchasing the rocket booster is that the user got the question wrong and the price has now inflated. So they may have had enough to cover the initial cost of the booster, but the additional 40,000 gold has put them in the red. It is assumed that there is a check for the 100,000, but when the price changes, no further check is made.

Ideally, the system should inform the user that they got the question wrong, tell them the price has been put up and as they don't have enough money they should come back to purchase it when they have made more cash. Or Earl just takes the 40,000 off them but doesn't give them the rocket booster. The next time they go to buy it, they are not asked the question again. The net effect is the same.

Reports have also been made that it is possible to go into the red when repairing a pole for which you don't have sufficient funds. These too should be prevented, forcing wranglers to fish with a different pole until they have raised sufficient cash to repair the damaged pole.