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Krakken RocksEdit

Description: Krakken Rocks is named after a legendary monster that lurks within the unsteady waters. In order to save the Ancient Mariner and defeat piracy, wranglers will need to use a fully-leveled pole and catch the mysterious Krakken Fish.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

How to UnlockEdit

Requirements to unlock: Solve the Gate's puzzle with the Kranka and clues given by the fish of Deadwater Pass.

What to CatchEdit

Fish Min. Pole Min. Skill Population
Caged Cubey Fish Level 2 Royal Rescuer/ Level 2 Pyratic Plunder 06Threatened 2,068 1,389 105
Cannon Crab Fish Level 21 Royal Rescuer/ Level 21 Pyratic Plunder 08Very Rare 3,714 3,015 194
Admiral Fish Level 25 Royal Rescuer/ Level 25 Pyratic Plunder 10Average 3,099 2,233 162
Map Ray Fish Level 29 Royal Rescuer/ Level 29 Pyratic Plunder 12Fairly Prolific 3,208 2,466 164
Robber Fish Level 38 Royal Rescuer/ Level 38 Pyratic Plunder 10Average 4,009 3,233 206
Swann Fish Level 54 Royal Rescuer/ Level 54 Pyratic Plunder 04Critically Endangered 4,617 3,948 234
Mutinous Fish Level 60 Royal Rescuer/ Level 60 Pyratic Plunder 04Critically Endangered 12,681 9,200 655
Citrus Fish Level 65 Royal Rescuer/ Level 65 Pyratic Plunder 12Fairly Prolific 3,388 2,514 171
Plank Fish Level 70 Royal Rescuer/ Level 70 Pyratic Plunder 08Very Rare 3,443 2,769 178
Executioner Fish Level 75 Royal Rescuer 11Numerous 3,877 2,999
Swashbuckler Fish Level 75 Pyratic Plunder 11Numerous 3,877 2,999 201
Northern Star Fish Level 83 Royal Rescuer 08Very Rare 4,269 3,483
Pyrate Eel Fish Level 83 Pyratic Plunder 08Very Rare 4,269 3,483 227
Three Sheets Fish Level 88 Royal Rescuer 04Critically Endangered 5,025 4,266  ?
Wench Fish Level 88 Pyratic Plunder 04Critically Endangered 5,025 4,266  ?
Navigator Fish Level 94 Royal Rescuer 02Possibly Extinct 11,003 7,515  ?
Crossbone Fish Level 94 Pyratic Plunder 02Possibly Extinct 11,003 7,517  ?
Krakken Fish Level 100 Royal Rescuer/ Level 100 Pyratic Plunder 02Possibly Extinct 12,368 12,368  ?
Sea Dog Fish Level 110 Royal Rescuer 10Average 3,523 2,832  ?
Black Pearl Fish Level 110 Pyratic Plunder 10Average 3,523 2,832
Jones Giant Squid Fish Level 120 Royal Rescuer 02Possibly Extinct 9,523 8,532  ?
Man o war Fish Level 120 Pyratic Plunder 02Possibly Extinct 9,523 8,532  ?
Serpentine Fish Level 120 Pyratic Plunder and/ Level 120 Royal Rescuer 02Possibly Extinct 30,008 300,008  ?
Farovian Tournament Shark Fish Level 0 Oak Branch or Broken Standard or Ghost Branch Error: String exceeds 1,000 character limit. 5,000 0 Fishing 101 -

A rogues gallery of each Krakken Rocks fish can be found in The Fish of Krakken Rocks.

What to BuyEdit

The following equipment is needed from the Krakken Rocks Supply Store:

Type Item Cost Min. requirements
Pole Hydroelectric Engine for Royal Rescuer 500,000 Level 60 pole
Pole Flare Gun for Royal Rescuer 600,000 Level 70 pole
Pole Target Torpedoes for Royal Rescuer 800,000 Level 80 pole
Pole Allure for Royal Rescuer 1,000,000 Level 90 pole
Pole Stellar Spears for Royal Rescuer 1,200,000 Level 100 pole
Pole Pyrate Sail for Pyratic Plunder 500,000 Level 60 pole
Pole Guardian Parrot for Pyratic Plunder 600,000 Level 70 pole
Pole Bouncing Bombs for Pyratic Plunder 800,000 Level 80 pole
Pole Skelure for Pyratic Plunder 1,000,000 Level 90 pole
Pole Corruption Cannon for Pyratic Plunder 1,200,000 Level 100 pole

Other activitiesEdit

Ancient MarinerEdit

Step 1 of 2) Rescue the Ancient Mariner!
You will need to catch 40 Cannon Crab, 30 Plank Fish and 3 Black Beardopus... and then see your handy friend Earl in Waterport, so he can build you a Grappling Cannon. The Grappling Cannon will help you ratchet onto the Ancient Mariner's boat, after you catch the largest Parribean fish yet... the Krakken.

TIP: View the Grappling Cannon by going to the dropdown: Fish List -> Grappling Cannon

Hurry! The Ancient Mariner doesn't have much longer before the Pirates take him away for good! (NOTE: This message disappears after catching the Citrus Fish)

The Plank Fish requires a Level 70 pole and is rated Very Rare. The Black Beardopus will require visiting Deadwater Pass instead and trying your luck with Possibly Extinct. The Krakken Fish requires a Level 100 pole.

After catching the required amounts for all three fish, when looking at Grappling Cannon in-game you will see status "COMPLETED!" next to each of the three fish. It is now time to visit Earl. After arriving in WaterPort, visit Earl's House and click the "Building the Grappling Cannon!" link in-game.

I have the Grappling Cannon! Shoot it onto the Ancient Mariners boat after catching the Krakken!

Stop the Krakken!

Catch the Krakken and then shoot the Grappling Cannon onto the Ancient Mariners boat!

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