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Limited Time Fish ListEdit

As of Feb 2017, there are currently 68 Limited Time Fish. (+16 more Coming Soon)

You will have to acquire a Liquid Gold before in order to catch any of them once retired. First, travel to Waterport to select one of the fish you wish to harness LG on at the bottom from the drop down list. You can turn on your LG either before or after this step, but it must be active in order to reel it in. Then just keep fishing until you are rewarded with one of the Special Occasion fish! (if you desire to catch more, just reactivate)

Below is a list of these special limited time fish that have been so far released in Farovia. Many of these are former Contest fish as well. (Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that particular fish.)

NOTE: Limited Time Fish images are meant to be hidden. (Go to the individual fish page in order to see them.)

Just like any Possibly Extinct fish harnessed with LG, there will always some Limited Time fish that are more stubborn than others, and prove difficult to bring in. Please look at the description to make sure everything is right (aside from which pole, as some are retired holiday poles). Also, make sure your LG is turned ON as well as harnessed, as that's a common issue that most run into.

Barackuda Fish World Ocean Fish Cupid Fish Leprechaun Eel Fish Jester Fish
Barackuda World-ocean Cupid Leprechaun-eel Jester
SquidCake Fish Slasher Fish Holiday Hippie Fish Party Mime Fish Brokenheart Fish
Squidcake Slasher Holiday-hippie Party-mime Brokenheart
Woceanpus Fish World Peace Eel Fish Pink Ribbon Fish Candle Fish Patty Fish
Woceanpus World-peace-eel Pink ribbon Candle Patty
Octo III Fish Jack O Pus Fish Soulmate Squid Fish Wild Turkey Ray Fish Holiday Gnarlywhale Fish
Octo-III hidden Jack-o-pus hidden Soulmate-squid hidden Wild-turkey-ray hidden Holiday-gnarlywhale hidden
Spotted Heart Octo Fish Leap Frog Fish Shamrock Slug Fish Eggshell Sea Turtle Fish Batalla de Puebla Fish
Spotted heart octo hidden [[Image:Leap_Frog_hidden.jpg|125px]] Shamrock slug hidden Eggshell Sea Turtle hidden Batalla-de-puebla hidden
Sinko dee Mayo Fish Ghost Soldier Fish SquidCake IV Fish Abyzou Fish Agares Fish
Sinko-dee-mayo hidden Ghost-soldier hidden Squidcake-iv-hidden Abyzou hidden Agares hidden
Aka Manah Fish Asag Fish Jikininki Fish Polednice Fish Lamashtu Fish
Aka-manah hidden Asag hidden Jikininki hidden Polednice hidden Lamashtu hidden
Pazuzu Fish Dasher Fish Dancer Fish Prancer Fish Vixen Fish
Pazuzu hidden Dasher hidden Dancer hidden Prancer hidden Vixen hidden
Comet Fish Qupid Fish Donner Fish Blitzen Fish Rudolph Fish
Comet hidden Qupid hidden Donner hidden Blitzen hidden Rudolph-hidden
Red Luv Fish Sweetheart Fish Heart Puffer Fish Love Hate Fish Queen of Hearts Fish
Red-luv hidden Sweetheart hidden Heart-puffer hidden Love-Hate hidden Queen-of-Hearts hidden
Casanova Fish Lovebird Ray Fish Romliet Eel Fish Cupid Crab Fish Clover Crab Fish
Casanova hidden Lovebird-ray hidden Romliet-eel hidden Cupid-crab hidden Clover-crab hidden
Laborous Lady Fish Halloween Hexadecapus Fish Super Spud Fish Valentine Clam Fish Birthday Candle Slug Fish
Laborous-lady hidden Halloween-Hexadecapus hidden Super-spud Hidden Valentine clam hidden Birthday-candle-slug hidden
Evil Eve Fish Sandy Claws Fish Wishbone Fish Patriotic Seabird Fish spot-marker
Evil-eve hidden Sandy-claws-hidden Wishbone hidden Patriotic-seabird hidden [[Spot-marker|125px]]
Leaf Clover Fish Easter Eel Fish Seedling Fish Bug Eyed Fish spot-marker
Leaf-clover hidden Easter-eel hidden Seedling hidden [[Bug Eyed Fish|125px]] [[Spot-marker|125px]]

What to CatchEdit

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Silver Min. Skill Chum Preference

Tips for catching LTF:Edit

"I found out that as long as you have harnessed the LG on the fish, you won't actually have to be in Waterport to catch it. So you can travel there, harness it & then turn around. Then you can stay where your at or travel to some place else. " Jeydo (talk) 17:09, December 30, 2014 (UTC). You can even go to Roperia so fish will give silver instead of gold, (and vice-versa) some dropping the most silver (except for a few multi-pole fish.) These fish can also be caught in tournaments, although it's very rare & usually not worth the points given unless your going for a low score."

Some data still needs to be conducted & collected regarding their tournament scores however. Using love chum always seems to attract them faster too.

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