Loafy Fish
Farovian Fish
Loafy Hidden
Min. Gold Rewards ~3-6 Loaf Chum
Min. Points 130
Min. Tourn. Points 20 points
Strength Fluffy and Warm
Bait Preference Loaf Chum
Min. Weight 113 g / 4 oz
Min. Pole Oak Branch
Broken Standard
Fancy Rifle-pole
Min. Skill Fishing 101
Habitat (Population) WaterPort (Fairly Prolific)
Fishertonville (Numerous)
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Description: Loafy Fish have recently infested the waters of Farovia. They give a special chum when caught, that in return can be used to catch more loafies. It's important to know that they have a very nice point reward and you can trade their loaf chum in for gold. :)

How to catch Loafy Fish: Catch Loafy Fish using any fishing pole at Waterport and Fishertonville.

As the Loafy Fish does not yield gold as a reward, they cannot be caught while Night Fishing. During Tournaments, despite that they can't be repelled & still being worth small points, they can greatly vary in their weight to account for over twice their award.

As any Loafies are quickly turned into Loaf Chum as soon as they are caught, Trophy Loafies cannot be verified and as such they are omitted from the in-game records (Trophy Fish. This is the official line from the Waterport Fishing Authorities until the, ahem, glitch is corrected!

15th fish release & also the Loafy Fish's ID #. Found here: