Millipede Eel Fish
Roperian Fish
Millipede-eel hidden
Min. Silver 1,837
Min. Points 1,838
Min. Tourn. Points TBD
Min. Weight 7.19 lb (Rainbow Electric)
Min. Pole Level 90 Medical Mangler
Min. Skill Handling Rejection
Habitat (Population) Burnout Bay (Endangered)
In-game links
Millipede Eel Fish Page
Millipede Eel Fish Longest Streaks
Millipede Eel Fish First Catches
Millipede Eel Fish Trophy Catches
Millipede Eel Fish Most Catches

Description: Scurrying around the prison like a pest, the rainbow-colored Millipede Eel remains a mystery to the medical community. Some say spotting a rainbow may be difficult, but wranglers can improve their chances with a Level 90+ Medical Mangler Pole!

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