Millipede Eel Fish
Roperian Fish
Millipede-eel hidden
Min. Silver 1,837
Min. Points 1,838
Min. Tourn. Points TBD
Strength Rainbow Electric
Min. Weight 7.19 lb / 3.26 kg
Min. Pole Level 90 Medical Mangler
Min. Skill Handling Rejection
Habitat (Population) Burnout Bay (Endangered)
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Description: DANGEROUS!
Scurrying around the prison like a pest, the rainbow-colored Millipede Eel remains a mystery to the medical community. Some say spotting a rainbow may be difficult, but wranglers can improve their chances with a Level 90+ Medical Mangler Pole!

Millipede Mugging: Costs 5,800 silver (Occurs on ~80% of catches with Medical Mangler)

Last Report: “No mangling happened today because my Medical Mangler was mugged by a Millipede. The sneaky eel stole all my medical equipment in broad daylight!” -Wild Franky