Mini Cruiser
Cost 35,000
Speed 30 mph / 26 knots
Min. Points 100,000
Passenger Capacity 8
Trips/Level 12
Retail Outlet WaterPort Boat Shop
Fishertonville Boat Shop
Blue Crescent Boat Shop

Description: With a larger capacity for Night Fishing, more speed, and a sweet flag - the Mini Cruiser can take you to Fishertonville and Blue Crescent much faster than with the Dinghy. Requires 12 long distance travels per each level.

The Mini-Cruiser requires fuel to go but it is only used when fishing - NOT while traveling between islands. While you can avoid burning fuel while fishing using the any of the other boats, the Mini-Cruiser is less likely to get damaged by larger fish than the Dinghy. The number of gallons that are burnt is a function of the weight of the fish caught (each ten pounds is one more percent of fuel consumed). Keep your eye on your tank and fill up when necessary. More details can be found here.

Upgrade: Rocket Booster - You can purchase the Rocket Booster for 100,000 Gold, once you gain access to Earl's House in Waterport, which will increase the speed of the Mini-Cruiser by 6 times! Unlike normal fuel, Rocket fuel is used while traveling between islands, but not while fishing.

Note: The Mini Cruiser can not be used to reach any of the Sig's Underwater Lab; Parribea; Ten Year Storm or most of the Icelantica locations (oddly it can go to Glacier Bay), however it can be used while leaving those locations since the destination is what governs the boat selection.

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