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Misty Cliffs

Misty CliffsEdit

Description: Misty Cliffs can be identified by a massive boulder formation located in the center of Posideon's Ring. Surrounded by heavy fog, many wranglers have been known to fight for survival in this ancient region.

Wrangler experience suggests that unless you have love chum to spare, you may want to unlock this region, then go back to Posidon's Ring and wait until your pole is a level 22 before attempting to catch the new fish available in this region to avoid numerous whiffs.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Unlocking Misty CliffsEdit

To unlock Misty Cliffs, catch a Blue Whale Fish in Poseidons Ring. As you struggle to reel it in, you will discover this secret inlet:

"In an epic battle with the Blue Whale, I discovered an inlet! Unlocked: Misty Cliffs!"

What to CatchEdit

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Cloak and Dagger Fish Level 7 Alcatraz 06Threatened 1,446 1,403 Monster Wrangling -
Slicer Fish Level 12 Alcatraz 03Near Extinction 3,682 3,576 Monster Wrangling -
Slippery Eel Fish Level 14 Alcatraz 08Very Rare 1,647 1,575 Monster Wrangling -
Leaf Horse Fish Level 23 Alcatraz 12Fairly Prolific 1,763 1,503 Monster Wrangling -
Anvil Fish Level 23 Alcatraz 11Numerous 1,888 1,650 Monster Wrangling -
Killer Clown Fish Level 29 Alcatraz 10Average 2,016 1,874 Monster Wrangling -
Red Whale Fish Level 31 Alcatraz 07Extremely Rare 2,144 2,016 Monster Wrangling -
Neck Shark Fish Level 34 Alcatraz 06Threatened 2,208 2,053 Monster Wrangling -
Chameleon Fish Level 37 Alcatraz 09Rare 2,350 2,107 Monster Wrangling -
Battle Turtle Fish Level 40 Alcatraz 03Near Extinction 3,861 3,678 Monster Wrangling -
Smiling Porpoise Fish Level 43 Alcatraz 05Endangered 2,647 2,488 Monster Wrangling -
Time Turtle Fish Level 46 Alcatraz 07Extremely Rare 2,381 2,679 Monster Wrangling -
Underbite Fish Level 50 Alcatraz 02Possibly Extinct 4,364 4,221 Monster Wrangling -

A rogues gallery of each Misty Cliffs fish can be found in The Fish of Misty Cliffs.

Moving onEdit

To proceed to the final Geminisles location, and be able to buy more addons, you must have a level 50 Alcatraz Pole (or 48 with RLC), and catch an Underbite Fish. Instructions appear temporarily after unlocking Misty Cliffs:

Great job with catching the Blue Whale!
Feeling lucky mate? Catch the Underbite Fish in Misty Cliffs and you'll be submerged during the battle. If you're really lucky, you may spot a deep underwater path from a massive earthquake in '83...
NOTE: This message will disappear like Joan of Farovia at the Sand Bar 'n Gill in ~X minutes.

Upon catching it, you will see the following message:

After being submerged mid-wrangle by the Underbite Fish, you noticed a very deep underwater passage. You hesitantly took the passage and discovered a secret fishing area! Unlocked: Bottomless Depths!

You will then be able to travel to the third and final level in the Geminisles, the Bottomless Depths.

WARNING: Catching the Underbite to unlock the next location is NOT easy and is possibly one of the more difficult "need this to unlock" challenges in the game. The Underbite is one of the rarer fish in the game; it can take many casts to catch one. Use of Liquid Gold, RLC/FLC, patience, or a combination of all three is suggested.