Catching a Multi-Pole FishEdit

In order to catch a multi-pole fish, a wrangler must do the following:

  1. Have all poles at maximum level (including all add-ons). See Notes for details on using RLC's +2 level bonus.
  2. Travel to the appropriate island
  3. Harness Liquid Gold on the fish
  4. Turn Liquid Gold on (a common mistake is to harness but not activate it)
  5. Activate the first of the poles required for the fish.
  6. Fish NOW!
  7. After fishing for a while (may take many casts), a notification will appear that you've hooked the fish. You then have 15 minutes to switch to the next pole and click Fish NOW a second time to reel it in. The attraction cast doesn't (?) add to your countdown timer, so you should be able to cast immediately after switching poles. (switch to any chum if you have a maxed pole. Catch is automatic - saves love chum!)
  8. Revel in your achievement and enjoy your Polaroid. (currently all multi-pole fish has a Polaroid, except for the Antaboga Fish and Double Reignbow Fish which do not have one).


A wrangler can attract a multi-pole fish with the first pole at (for example) 78 / 80 if using Red Love Chum, due to RLC's +2 level bonus. However, it is believed that the other pole(s) must be at maximum level without the level bonus. So you can fish for a Plangaepus Fish with a level 98 / 100 Algaenite with RLC active as long as you have the Planktonite at 100 / 100.

For the Golden Fish (which requires three poles at maximum level), the wrangler has to make the initial attraction with either the Oak Branch or Broken Standard active, then (once attracted) cast with the other one. Deckhand Deb will handle the Fancy Rifle-pole.

Currently, you are only able to catch ONE of any Multi-pole fish.

Several of the multi-pole fish can be initiated with any of its pole requirements needed regardless of what the "How to Catch" states which one is to be used first. Experience has shown that the trick is you must still switch to the opposite pole, again regardless what the red pop-up states to switch poles too. For example with the Spirit Ray Fish the how to catch tells you to equip Great Equalizer pole and harness LG, however one can actually use Kolenya pole first. The confusion than becomes when they receive red pop-up telling them to switch to the Kolenya pole, which they already have equipped. Leaving that pole equipped will not catch the fish, one must switch to the opposite pole (Great Equalizer in this case) in order to catch it.

Multi-Pole ListEdit

Below is a list of the Multi-Pole Fish. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

Farovian Multi-Pole FishEdit

Golden Fish Cursed Arthurian Fish Dweller Fish Yin Yang Koi Fish
Golden Cursed arthurian hidden Dweller Yin yang koi hidden
Plangaepus Fish Serpentine Fish Stormy Charybdis Fish Sig Sanctorio Fish
Plangaepus Serpentine Stormy-charybdis Sig Sanctorio hidden
Heartworm Fish Antaboga Fish
Heartworm-hidden Antaboga hidden

Roperian Multi-Pole FishEdit

Note: The Evo Shark Fish is currently not obtainable, as both poles have been retired.

Sludge Shark Fish Dragon Fish Green Diablo Shark Fish Calendar Fish
Sludge-shark hidden Dragon hidden Green-diablo-shark hidden Calendar hidden
Spirit Ray Fish Evo Shark Fish Double Reignbow Fish
Spirit-ray hidden Evolutionary-exercise-shark hidden Double-reignbow hidden

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