Necktie Eel Fish
Farovian Fish
Necktie Eel Hidden
Min. Gold 1,016
Min. Points 1,802
Min. Tourn. Points 210 points
Strength Stranglin
Min. Weight 5.00 lb / 2.27 kg
Min. Pole Spear Gun
Min. Skill Secrets of Farovia
Habitat (Population) Sans Culpra (Fairly Prolific)
Sigs Lair (Fairly Prolific)
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Description: Necktie Eels are dangerous, quick and mischievous creatures. Known to emit a powerful electric shock in self-defense, it is imperative that wranglers take extra precaution when facing this breed.

How to catch Necktie Eel Fish:
Catch Necktie Eel Fish by using a Spear Gun or higher in Sans Culpra. Requires the skill of Secrets of Farovia.

First fish to get mutated in Sigs Labratory at Level 0 - after completing the mix, it turns into the Bowtie Eel Fish.