Needlenose Shark Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 1,654
Min. Points 1,872
Min. Tourn. Points 211 points
Strength Sirange Bite
Min. Weight 1.38 lb / 624 g
Min. Pole Level 57 Necro-pole
Min. Skill Habitats of Large Fish
Resources Sigfried's 57th (99% Repel)
Habitat (Population) Fishertonville (Fairly Prolific)
In-game links
Needlenose Shark Fish Page
Needlenose Shark Fish Longest Streaks
Needlenose Shark Fish First Catches
Needlenose Shark Fish Trophy Catches
Needlenose Shark Fish Most Catches

Description: Chock-full of lethal substances, the Needlenose Shark has a clear advantage in the shark kingdom. Wranglers must use a necro augment to catch the fish.

How to catch Needlenose Shark Fish: Catch Needlenose Shark Fish by using a Level 57+ Necro-pole in Fishertonville. Requires the skill of Habitats of Large Fish. Repel Needlenose Shark Fish by using Sigfried's 57th.

Requires the Double Skull add-on for the Necro-pole to catch.

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