Nizon Piranha Fish
Roperian Fish
Nizon-piranha hidden
Min. Silver 906
Min. Points 913
Min. Tourn. Points 105 points
Min. Weight 1.56 lb
Min. Pole Level 23 Survivalist or Poacherist
Min. Skill Sacrifice Survival
Habitat (Population) Mosquito Run (Endangered)
In-game links
Nizon Piranha Fish Page
Nizon Piranha Fish Longest Streaks
Nizon Piranha Fish First Catches
Nizon Piranha Fish Trophy Catches
Nizon Piranha Fish Most Catches

Description: The Nizon Piranha uses several methods to attack the Survivalist/Poacherist poles, but the breed's trademark is biting through the Hoverin' Craft, thus leaving the wrangler stranded on the lonely river. This native piranha has been known to cause "Nizonic Nightmares" within the wrangler community.

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