Nizon Sun Fish
Roperian Fish
Nizon-sun hidden
Min. Silver 1,815
Min. Points 1,808
Min. Tourn. Points TBD
Min. Weight 2.63 lb
Min. Pole Level 100 Survivalist or Poacherist
Min. Skill Sacrifice Survival
Habitat (Population) Sepulcro del Sol (Possibly Extinct)
In-game links
Nizon Sun Fish Page
Nizon Sun Fish Longest Streaks
Nizon Sun Fish First Catches
Nizon Sun Fish Trophy Catches
Nizon Sun Fish Most Catches

Description: Known as the All-Mighty Ruler, the Nizon Sun Fish has played an important role to the earliest civilizations by bringing sunshine to the entire region. Scientists believe that its offspring, the Sun Fish of Waterport, brought light to Farovia!

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