Octo Magma Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 6,049
Min. Points 7,019
Min. Tourn. Points 807 points
Strength Octo-cool
Min. Weight 14.56 lb / 6.61 kg
Min. Pole Level 80 Cubey Incinerator
Min. Skill Mastering Shark Wrangling
Habitat (Population) Magma Reef (Possibly Extinct)
Sigs Wasteland (Possibly Extinct)
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Description: POLAROID #4!
Highly skilled wranglers will have the opportunity to catch the rare Octo Magma, which is considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates. The octopus can eject flames from the body and produce venom in the tentacles.

How to catch Octo Magma Fish:

Catch Octo Magma Fish by using a Level 80+ Cubey Incinerator in Magma Reef. Requires the skill of Mastering Shark Wrangling. Recommended to use Liquid Gold when fishing for Octo Magma Fish.

Requires the Golden Plates of Reinforcement add-on for the Cubey Incinerator to catch.