Requirements: 8,000,000 min points, 1 million+ Good or Evil pts, Around 1.5 million Gold (Skill/Pole/Chum)

  1. Activate Fancy Rifle-pole at the Sig's Wasteland. (no specific level requirement)
  2. Buy new skill - The Truth of Piracy and Rescue (Costs 600,000 and 8,000,000 min points)
  3. Fish until you catch the Parrot Fish. (RLC is the easiest and quickest way to get it)
  4. Follow the path to the Devil's Cove.
  5. Buy a new Parribean Pole - either a Royal Rescuer (Good) or a Pyratic Plunder (Evil). (Each costs 800,000 gold)
  6. Buy corresponding chum - either Gold Goop Chum (Good) or Diamond Dip Chum (Evil). (Not optional unless your using RLC/FLC)
  7. Cast until you catch a Bottle Fish.
  8. After catching your first Bottle Fish, you pull out a crumpled up piece of paper that reads:
    “A magical key is required to open up the gate to the next hidden location, Deadwater Pass. The fish here give clues that need to be entered into the special Skull Key. I believe your old friend Earl in Waterport may know a thing or two about this key... I need more rum.” - *Burrrp* Bottle Fish
  9. Go to Earl's Place in WaterPort.
  10. “I have been waiting a long time for wranglers to discover the pirate islands of Parribea. I'm too old to explore a crazy place like Parribea. I believe this magical key should help unlock the gate at Devil's Cove.” -Earl
    Accept the Skull Key!
  11. Go back to Devil's Cove.
  12. Catch an Eyepatch Catty Fish to unlock your next clue and continue your journey to the top to rescue the Ancient Mariner. (Everyone's clues are different for the puzzle!)

TIP: Mini Cruiser can be used (unlike Sig's levels) to travel to Devil's Cove. Activating Rocket Booster is optional but will save a lot of time. Alcatraz Cruiser and Icelantica boats can also be used.

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