Patty Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 170
Min. Points 170
Min. Tourn. Points n/a
Strength Guinness
Min. Weight 1.06 lb / 482 g
Min. Pole Oak Branch
Broken Standard
Min. Skill Fishing 101
Habitat (Population) WaterPort
In-game links
Patty Fish Page
Patty Fish Longest Streaks
Patty Fish First Catches
Patty Fish Trophy Catches
Patty Fish Most Catches

Description: Polaroid #19!
Fish Wrangler’s celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2011 with the release of the one-day only "Patty Fish" - catch this lucky leprechaun at the Irish pub in Waterport!

How to catch Patty Fish:

Catch Patty Fish on 03/17/11 using an Oak Branch or Broken Standard Pole in Waterport. (Non-stop until 9:45am FVT today!)

The Patty Fish can still be caught, but only by harnessing the power of Liquid Gold on it at the island of WaterPort. To see the full Patty Fish image, click here.

This fish caused some freaky behavior in the game when it was released. It appeared at 7 am FVT, and became the only fish that could be caught for two or three hours, even outside of Waterport. This came to be known as the "Great Patty Invasion". Wranglers who had gotten a Patty streak of 10 or more during the invasion received a Badge for their involvement.
Wranglers who have not gotten the streak can still obtain the badge by paying Deckhand Diego one Liquid Gold and one Red Shark for each Patty needed to get their max streak to 10. So if you have a max streak of 6, Diego will need to be paid 4 Liquid Gold and 4 Red Sharks. Or look at this XY example, w/ Y=10-X:

Want the Great Patty Invasion Polaroid, mate?

You've caught X in a row and need to catch 10 in a row to get the Polaroid!

You can pay Deckhand Diego Y Liquid Golds and Y Red Sharks to complete the streak - because Diego needs to be heavily caffeinated and on his game when trying to complete this incredible catching streak!

I agree to pay Y Liquid Golds and Y Red Sharks