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Peccant Fish
Farovian Fish
Peccant Hidden
Min. Gold 991
Min. Points 1,420
Min. Tourn. Points 164 points
Strength Remorseless
Min. Weight 2.88 lb / 1.30 kg
Min. Pole Level 18 Pneumatic Spear
Min. Skill Secrets of Farovia
Resources Arsenic (99% Attract)
Depth Charge (Create from streak of 3)
Habitat (Population) Sans Culpra (Rare)
Sigs Vault (Rare)
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Peccant Fish Page
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Description: Dr. Deceit recently transformed into the cruel, remorseless, evil Edward Peccant Fish. The blood of the Peccant Fish is used in making the MK8 Depth Charge.

How to catch Peccant Fish:

Catch Peccant Fish by using a Level 18+ Pneumatic Spear Gun in Sans Culpra. Requires the skill of Secrets of Farovia. Attract Peccant Fish by using Arsenic.

A streak of 3 Peccants in a row rewards the skilled wrangler with a MK8 Depth Charge.

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