Pinstriper Fish
Roperian Fish
Pinstriper hidden
Min. Silver 1,082
Min. Points 1,095
Min. Tourn. Points 127 points
Min. Weight 2.19 lb / 992 g
Min. Pole Level 64 Shredder
Min. Skill Intro to Reef Cleaning
Habitat (Population) Redwood Crescent (Extremely Rare)
In-game links
Pinstriper Fish Page
Pinstriper Fish Longest Streaks
Pinstriper Fish First Catches
Pinstriper Fish Trophy Catches
Pinstriper Fish Most Catches

Description: This Pinstriper doesn’t bleed cubby blue, rather the blood of the Renegade Redwood Mob… known for its influence on Dictator Danzic and the destruction of the entire Redwood Forest. The Pinstriper has no eyes, but the keenest of all smells, which allows him to fight like the true mobster he is.

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