Platypus Fish
Roperian Fish
Platy-pus hidden
Min. Silver 854
Min. Points 850
Min. Tourn. Points 99 points
Min. Weight 2.06 lb
Min. Pole Level 57 Outback
Min. Skill Clockwise Navigation
Habitat (Population) Kingsland Confluence (Average)
In-game links
Platypus Fish Page
Platypus Fish Longest Streaks
Platypus Fish First Catches
Platypus Fish Trophy Catches
Platypus Fish Most Catches

Description: Believed to be a fraudulent "stuffed" animal, the Platy-pus confused early settlers in the region with its duck-bill, beaver-tail and venomous ankle spurs. This semi-aquatic mammal resides near rivers across the continent.

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