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Poseidon's RingEdit

Description: Discovered centuries ago by the Ancient Mariner, Posideon's Ring is composed of several islands that create the perimeter of the Geminisles. The private entrance to the center of the island will be discovered as wranglers familiarize with the prehistoric fish breeds and rocky terrain of the secret Ring.

(To see what this island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Unlocking Poseidon's RingEdit

Catch the Peccant Fish to unlock secret entrance located in Sans Culpra

"After catching the monstrous Peccant Fish, Earl told me a about a secret region called “The Geminisles” where the fish are enormous! He belives I'm worthy of trying out a new fishing pole that's connected to a special boat. Unlocked: Poseidon's Ring!"

If you have caught a peccant already (on any previous fishing trips), the link to go to Poseidon's Ring will show:

"Already caught a Peccant? Click here!"
"Earl thinks I'm worthy of fishing in the Geminisles! Unlocked: Poseidon's Ring!"

Note: Poseidon's Ring requires a new Alcatraz Cruiser boat (purchased in Sans Culpra, 150,000 gold and 1,400,000 minimum points), a new pole (200,000 gold and 1,300,000 minimum points), and a new Monster Wrangling skill (150,000 gold and 1,200,000 minimum points.) Also, purchase of new chum Blue Earthworm Chum is REQUIRED if you do not have RLC or FLC. Like any new region, it's best to make sure you have enough gold before attempting to move to this region. There is no sign from this island's Department of Recreation about the Blue Earthworm / Red Love Chum requirement.

What to CatchEdit

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Vacuum Fish Level 1 Alcatraz 12Fairly Prolific 1,203 1,009 Monster Wrangling -
Glutton Fish Level 1 Alcatraz 12Fairly Prolific 1,048 883 Monster Wrangling -
Godfather Cubey Fish Level 3 Alcatraz 09Rare 1,289 1,254 Monster Wrangling -
Brain Fish Level 5 Alcatraz 11Numerous 1,315 1,317 Monster Wrangling -
Cloak and Dagger Fish Level 7 Alcatraz 07Extremely Rare 1,446 1,403 Monster Wrangling -
Tooth Shark Fish Level 10 Alcatraz 05Endangered 1,499 1,489 Monster Wrangling -
Slicer Fish Level 12 Alcatraz 03Near Extinction 3,682 3,576 Monster Wrangling -
Slippery Eel Fish Level 14 Alcatraz 09Rare 1,647 1,575 Monster Wrangling -
Corkscrew Ray Fish Level 17 Alcatraz 05Endangered 2,535 2,381 Monster Wrangling -
Blue Whale Fish Level 20 Alcatraz 04Critically Endangered 3,022 2,655 Monster Wrangling -

A rogues gallery of each Poseidon's Ring fish can be found in The Fish of Poseidon's Ring.

Moving onEdit

To unlock Misty Cliffs, you must have a level 20 Alcatraz pole (or 18 with RLC) and catch a Blue Whale Fish (Catching it during Night Fishing won't open the new location). As you struggle to reel it in, you will discover this secret inlet:

"In an epic battle with the Blue Whale, I discovered an inlet! Unlocked: Misty Cliffs!"